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What Every Zodiac Needs To Do Before Daylight Savings (December 12, 2023)


Take a moment to just breathe. You’re always go, go, go. Unfortunately, that means you’re missing out on a lot, too. You can reflect on your life if you’re always looking forward.


Call a friend and set up a hang. Or, if you have phone anxiety, text them. Either way, you should have something social lined up before Daylight Savings. Getting out of the house is hard–especially in the winter–but you’ll be glad you did.


Apologize to someone who needs to hear it. You know who I’m talking about. You’ve been hesitant to say anything because admitting you were wrong makes you feel all itchy. But they deserve an apology, and it’s time to give it.


Go on a social media diet. Start this new era with a more connected self. Even if it’s just for a day, vow to avoid any social media at all costs. It’ll be a lot easier to stop comparing yourself to others when you don’t have their posts staring you in the face.


Tell someone you love them. You sometimes get so focused on how other people feel about you that you forget to extend that same courtesy. It doesn’t have to be some huge declaration of love to your crush. Even just telling your best friend or your mom that you appreciate them is enough to start this new era with the right energy.


Ask someone you trust for advice–and then take it. You’re normally the one doling out the advice or telling others what they should be doing. Get out of that rut. You could even just ask a friend what movie to watch. Then promise yourself to follow through.


Enjoy some Me Time on your own. You often surround yourself with people. It could be your significant other or the couple of close friends you consider family. Enter this new era with a more connected self by spending time on your own. You could even do something bold like going to the movies by yourself.


Read that book that’s been waiting on your shelf. You want to read more. It’s been on your to-do list and yet your to-read pile continues to grow. As you enter this new era, spend a little time doing the things you’ve always been meaning to do.


Go on a hike with your favorite person. Even if that person is your dog. Solo hikes are great. After all, you can go at your own pace. But there’s something extra special about sharing that space with amazing people or pets. At the very least, it’ll mean some great photos on the trail.


Take a day to do nothing. Literally nothing. You’ll struggle, feeling like you’re being “lazy.” But it’s not lazy to take a moment to breathe, to let yourself rest. You’re always moving, always working toward goals, but enter this new era with renewed energy and without a nervous breakdown.


Break away from your routine, even if it’s minor. Though you find comfort in the known, it’s holding you back. Go to a different coffee shop, order something you’ve never tried. Get up earlier or later this weekend, taking a nod from the time change brought on by Daylight Savings.


Make an epic playlist and dance your way into this new era. You’re sometimes sapped of energy, whether it’s your physical load or something more emotional. As Daylight Savings rolls in, this is a good time for an emergency dance party with all your favorite music.

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