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6 Zodiac Signs Who Are Totally Addicted To Love


There is rarely a period in Cancer’s life when you are not in love, as to you, it is almost impossible.

You fall in love easily but when you love, you love hard and without any boundaries whatsoever.

In the beginning, you like everyone around you.

All the people hanging out with you are all your potential lovers.

Once you find that person you’re hooked on, you won’t leave them alone.

You’ll literally get addicted to them.


When it comes to love, you sure do place it at the top of your list.

When we’re discussing priorities, love is definitely number one on your list.

Whatever comes up in your life, if it has nothing to do with love, you won’t quite wrap your mind around it.

You’ll put your person above anyone else.

Even if this means you’ll have to sacrifice yourself for the benefit of the person you love, you will do that.

You are ready to do anything, just to protect the person you love and to save your relationship—and I mean anything!.


You will definitely find out everything about your lover —what they like to eat, where they like to go, what their favorite movie is, etc.

You’ll know absolutely everything.

So later on, you’ll throw all kinds of surprises for the person you love.

You will definitely never let them go.

You’re always nurturing your relationship.

You treat it like a baby.

You protect it from everything potentially harmful that might happen but of course, that is impossible under your watch.


You love intensely and passionately.

If, God forbid, something happens to your relationship, it would absolutely end you emotionally.

Even though you’re aware that you don’t have to prove yourself to the person you love, you still do it.

You still try so hard to make your person the happiest one alive.

You know you love that person the most in the world but you also want to show it to them every single day.

Your person is definitely the luckiest person out there.
However, along with these beautiful sides of yours, you have an ugly one.

If someone uses your love and breaks your heart, after being devastated, you’ll become vengeful, which is not your finest trait.


The never-stopping Aries is exactly the same in a relationship as when they are single.

So, dear Aries, you’re well aware of the fact that you’d give your life for the person you love.

You’d never stop making them feel the most special person alive.

To make things perfectly clear, though, you are never interested in just one person.

There are always a few of them in the game.

But, once you fall in love and choose that one person, you completely devote yourself to them.

The most admirable thing you try to do in a relationship is encourage your partner to be better than you and different.

You don’t want a copycat around.

There is already one of you. That’s enough.


Leo is pretty stubborn and full of themselves but when they fall in love, they become the same as everyone else, if not even worse.

You like to stand on a pedestal but your partner will stand right next to you.

Usually, you’d have a problem with sharing attention directed to you with someone else but love conquers all.

You will introduce your partner to everyone you know, including your family.

If for some reason they don’t like your partner, you will become very protective of them and you definitely won’t change your mind.

When it comes to love, you know that no one is perfect.

That’s the reason why you’re full of understanding for the person you love.

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