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Update: Know That These Zodiac Signs Always Wear A Mask

Do you know one of the zodiac signs who always wear a mask on their face? Let’s find out immediately who they are: better to know first, right?

And no, let’s not talk about the mask to protect yourself from COVID-19, very useful and necessary for two years now!
Some people can’t help but always hide behind a mask. Has it ever happened to you to meet someone who is always cheerful and smiling, nice and kind to everyone, and then discover, only after so many years, that in reality, he was harboring so much resentment and resentment under the “embers”?

Whether the answer to the above question is no or yes, it doesn’t matter: it’s always better to know which people always wear a mask, don’t you think?
What better way, then, to ask stars and planets if they have a ranking made specifically for this situation? (Spoiler: they have it).

The zodiac signs that always wear a mask: find out who is in today’s horoscope ranking

We know very well that not all the people we meet in life are as pure and genuine as we would expect.
Sometimes, unfortunately for us and them, we happen to meet people on our way who… well, wear a mask!

Let’s understand: we all, in life, put on a mask when the situation requires it. Maybe at work, when we make the best of a bad situation or when our best friend gets engaged to a person we just don’t like. Even if it’s not nice to wear a mask, it happens to everyone and therefore we don’t want to (necessarily) judge who is wearing one. Sure, that’s unless it’s one of those zodiac signs who always wear a mask !

This is precisely the case with today‘s horoscope ranking: are you ready to find out who these zodiac signs are?

Aries: fifth place

Yes, dear Aries, you too have earned a place in the ranking of the zodiac signs who always wear a mask.
Even if you are a person who particularly likes to cut clothes on others, no one knows how judgmental you can be (and a little gossip, let’s face it).

Aries happens to wear a very heavy mask: that of sociability. Aries strive in every way to be the nicest and funniest in the whole company. It is no surprise that they wear a mask on their face!

Aquarius: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who can not help but wear a mask and also really complicated! Aquarians
are not fake people or people hiding behind a finger, that’s for sure. Unfortunately for the Aquarius, the mask they always wear is that of ” feeling good “.

Aquarians are always ready to lend a hand and commit to others but are tragically unable to ask for help for themselves.
On the contrary! If someone offers it to them, they promptly refuse it, even if they are about to drown in trouble. Dear Aquarius, who do you want to give it to drink? We see that you are in difficulty, accept the help!

Leo: third place

Yes, even Leos wear a mask and certainly not a cheap one!
Leos like to wear the mask of ” success “: hey, attention, this does not mean that Leos are not particularly successful people, quite the contrary!
Leos like most of all to take pride in their achievements and they just talk about it.

This is fine (up to a certain point) but when are there no successes or a somewhat complicated period goes by? Here the Lion mask begins to weigh: without their goals they feel less than zero and begin to get nervous, to magnify reality, or to pretend to be casual when in reality … they are not at all!

Gemini: second place

Dear Gemini, you knew very well that you would find yourself at the top of today’s ranking: you can’t help it if you are wearing a mask.
Gemini does not lack a certain emotional intelligence that leads them to flee all feelings with real terror.

We are sorry to tell you, dear Gemini, but that’s it: the mask you wear is that of indifference even though we know very well that you are not indifferent at all!
Geminis like to pretend that feelings don’t exist and that they are fine with no one around.

Too bad, however, that the Gemini mask often falls apart under the jealousy or heartbreak that certain sentimental disappointments cause him. Dear Gemini, but wouldn’t it be better to put down the mask and show everyone that you are people with feelings?

Libra: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs wearing a mask

Whether they do it for the goodness of heart, for their gain, or simply because they don’t want to face reality, one thing is certain. Libra is the zodiac sign that most ever wears a mask, every day of his life! Think about it: Are you sure you know what a Libra feels like

For those born under this sign, it is practically impossible to “ unstitch ” something: they are always double agents to the end and always (but always) wear a mask on their face. Who knows what their true feelings are behind this protective “wall”?

Libra often wears a mask for two main reasons. The first is that Libra always wants to feel one step ahead of others and also that she, although she sometimes has dislikes, Libra likes to like her: she must be nice to everyone! The second reason why Libra always wears a mask is related to protecting their feelings: to Libra, it seems that by not wearing a mask there is a risk that someone will judge them for what they are!

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