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4 Zodiacs Who Will Be Brave Enough To Follow Their Dream In March


Sagittarius has felt backed into a corner for longer than they care to remember. Everything has been about ‘survival mode’ – getting through the day, paying the rent, and doing the bare minimum to keep everything above water. Fighting that drowning sensation no matter how much stress or exhaustion settles in. But this is the month Sagittarius asks for more out of life. The moment they say this isn’t working, or sustainable, or how I want the rest of my life to go. They are finally going to look around them and see that there are other options available. Other ways of living, of existing in the world, and structuring a life. This method hasn’t panned out the way it was supposed to, but they are finally starting to see that the things they once thought were just dreams are concrete possibilities.


Pisces has a dream they’ve been fighting. One they haven’t let themselves give in to or take seriously. It’s a scary dream. One that has high stakes and would effectively upend everything they know and love and find comfort in. Nonetheless, they can’t shake that nagging voice in the corner of their brain that keeps contemplating the idea. No matter how outlandish, far-fetched, or illogical it seems, something keeps coming back to that harebrained idea. Grad school. Becoming a beekeeper. Getting a pixie cut. Part of Pisces knows that acting on this desire would draw a firm line in the sand, and create a clear break between who they’ve been and who they’ve always wanted to be. And even though they may not be living the life they’ve always wanted, part of them is still afraid of saying goodbye to it anyway.


Capricorn has been afraid to raise their hand. To speak up and ask for the opportunity to follow their dream. They’ve hoped, instead, that if they just keep their head down, work hard, and stay on task, it will magically fall into their lap. That they will have the adult equivalent of being “discovered at the mall”. Some qualified individual will recognize their hidden worth and value and put power success or opportunity in front of them neatly on a platter. But life doesn’t work that way. Capricorn is going to have to express interest and exhibit their skills to earn that attention and recognition. They have to take that extra step to earn that chance. It doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the result. It just means they have to get up and walk to it until someone builds a delivery app for life fulfillment.


Gemini has been too timid to interrupt and clarify. To tell the people around them that their dream is not the dream that everyone has assumed and planned around for years. Gemini never wants to disappoint let down or reject. They are innate people pleasers. But people can often make the wrong assumption about them because they are so accommodating. So this month, Gemini needs to speak up and set the record straight. That what they want to do isn’t what everyone is expecting or trying to help them to achieve. It doesn’t mean anyone had the wrong intention, it just means that some external and internal realignment is in order. They need to hold the steering wheel when it comes to their future.

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