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In the next few months, it can still crackle: three zodiac signs can fall in love until the end of the year – and end the turbulent year with nothing but love!

Anyone who has been single or has broken up this year has definitely not had it easy in 2022. To be on your own in lockdown, the difficult conditions, meeting new people or dates that could only take place online – all things that have surely made singles desperate this year.

But we have good news: three zodiac signs have a particularly high chance of new love in the next few weeks – more precisely until the end of the year. Are you maybe among them and soon give away your heart?

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These zodiac signs will fall in love by the end of 2020

Click through our picture gallery and find out which zodiac signs will fall in love by the end of the year.

Zodiac sign Pisces: Pisces love to be in love and at the end of the year they finally have more luck in love affairs again. You are allowed to indulge your feelings because they are reciprocated! Your new partner will finally appreciate your romantic way of being like never before and will also bring out the best in you. You can be sure of a soulful end of the year!

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Sign of the zodiac Leo : After a long period of self-discovery, single Leo also open the gates to their hearts again. If you throw the last uncertainties overboard, you can look forward to intense feelings and butterflies in your stomach until the end of the year. Your new partner also comes with serious intentions – so nothing stands in the way of a long-term, happy relationship. Are you ready?

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Cancer zodiac sign: Cancers can be happy! As soon as it gets cold outside, it gets all the warmer around your heart. The reason for this is a person who takes your heart by storm. It is very likely that you already know the person! So take a closer look in your environment. Maybe you just overlooked someone who likes you a lot?

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