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3 Zodiacs Who Will Experience A Personal Retrograde In April

You’ve probably been hearing all about how Mercury retrograde is affecting everyone right now. It’s kind of like how the world goes a little crazy during every full moon but on a much bigger and longer scale. While everyone’s struggling right now thanks to this celestial phenomenon, some of us have it so much worse. Instead, these three zodiac signs are going through their retrograde in April. It feels like, rather than moving forward through life, they’ve been moving backward instead. Are you on the list?


Your retrograde is in your emotional life. While you’ve made so many strides in the last year toward better mental health, it’s almost like at least some of that progress has been washed away this month. The old hurts that used to haunt you are back in your mind. The exes who treated you, the traumas from childhood, or even just the small moments that pop up when you try to fall asleep. But don’t hold on to this personal retrograde. We all backslide sometimes and, if you keep calm, you’ll come into May stronger than ever.


Your retrograde is in your home life. No matter how hard you work on chores or DIY projects, it’ll feel like you’re getting nowhere this month. And if you live with others, whether roommates or a romantic partner, it’ll feel like you’re the only one doing anything. You thought you’d gotten the chore distribution figured out, yet here you are, doing it all yourself again. Remember to show yourself grace. You aren’t a cleaning robot, so don’t treat yourself like one. If you want people to respect you, lead by example and treat yourself well, too.


Your retrograde is in your social life. Normally you have so much fun with your friends, but something feels off this month. Maybe with everyone else going through a rough time thanks to Mercury retrograde, it’s caused a serious gap in your time with friends and family. Let people fade in and out of your life right now with no judgment. Socializing can ebb and flow and it doesn’t mean anything negative about the kind of friend you are. Once the world has warmed up a bit more in May, you can start planning all the late spring and early summer events that’ll get everyone back together again.

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