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3 Zodiacs Who Struggle With Abandonment Issues In Relationships

1. Cancer

Cancer takes a long time to open up and come out of its shell, and the biggest reason for this is that they are terrified of being abandoned. They want to make sure someone is in their life forever before they even consider letting them closer. They never want to see someone they love to leave and so they do whatever they can to protect themselves from ever having this happen (even if that sometimes means never giving someone a chance at all).

2. Gemini

Gemini is extremely sociable and derives a lot of their self-worth in how they are perceived by others. Gemini craves to be the center of attention because they love to be seen and celebrated. And while it may take a fair amount of confidence to hold the attention of the room, this is a double-edged sword when it comes to the dual-natured Gemini. Because Gemini’s sense of self often comes in the form of other people approving of them, being abandoned by others is absolutely excruciating for them. Not only do they feel the sting of being rejected, they also feel as though they are losing a piece of themselves.

3. Scorpio

One of Scorpio’s greatest fears in life is being betrayed by a person they trusted with their heart. And sometimes, betrayal can look a lot like leaving. After all, Scorpio doesn’t trust easily. People have to work incredibly hard to earn Scorpio’s faith. But once Scorpio deems someone to be worthy of their trust, they are fiercely loyal to them in return. But even when Scorpio does let someone in, this doesn’t mean Scorpio isn’t afraid of them walking away. Scorpio’s abandonment issues often manifest as being possessive and jealous, especially with their romantic partners.

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