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Lucky Days in January 2023, Depending on Your Zodiac Sign

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What are the lucky days in January for you? Take into account your zodiac sign, but also your ascendant, and find out directly from astrologers when you are more successful!

In the first month of a brand new year, you are reminded that luck is both something you enjoy and something you create. As 2023 begins, Mercury, Mars, and Uranus become direct.

This is an intensely lucky period for all zodiac signs because it starts until April 21, 2023, when all planets will be direct.

Horoscope: lucky days in January for each zodiac sign

When all the planets are in direct motion, you are encouraged to take action and create changes in your life. So, take advantage of the opportunities that the stars give you!

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Lucky days in January: 18 and 26

Mercury is the planet that governs communication and thoughts; returning directly to Capricorn activates improvements in your professional life. During this period, you may experience greater recognition or the ability to negotiate more effectively. In the end, it will bring you great success and financial abundance.

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The luckiest days: 21st and 31st

The New Moon in Aquarius, which activates your career area, represents a new chapter. Aquarius is a very innovative sign that strongly believes in humanitarian projects. If you feel like this has been missing in your professional life, it’s a great time to make sure your work feels part of a greater purpose.

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The luckiest days: 18 and 21

Aquarius energy rules all aspects of luck in your life. Luck is not just something that happens to you, but something that is created and chosen. As the New Moon takes place in Aquarius, it’s time to focus your energy on your unique ideas. Instead of thinking that it is impossible, see it as a challenge that you are meant to rise to.

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Lucky days in January: 18 and 26

Venus rules themes related to love, but it also rules aspects related to finances and real estate. As it enters Pisces, the zodiac sign represents lucky opportunities in your life. It’s time to reflect on what you want to grow in this new year and honestly believe that it is possible. Any passion you have during this period will eventually lead you to the greatest success.

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The luckiest days: 18 and 31

In the middle of January, the luckiest part of your life will be activated. Any legal matter or contract that is part of your life will be blessed by the Universe. A new house, a rental contract, a job, or even a new car are favored during this period.

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The luckiest days: 22nd and 26th

Uranus is known to bring change in the most unexpected ways. In Taurus, it activates your luck sector; however, since it was retrograde from August, cultivating success or abundance may have felt challenging. Now, as the planet Uranus goes direct, you will once again feel that you are in the flow of divine energies, allowing you to create your lucky opportunities.

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Lucky days in January: 12 and 18

Mars is the planet of action, but since the end of October, when it turned retrograde, this has been difficult to achieve. Since Gemini, where Mars has been since August, rules all aspects of luck in your life, you may have felt that life has been more difficult than usual. All this will change as Mars goes direct in Gemini at mid-month, giving you the green light to start taking action to create the life of your dreams.

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The luckiest days: 16 and 22

The Full Moon in Cancer echoes the New Moon in Cancer at the end of June 2022. Cancer rules the lucky opportunities in your life, which means something is about to materialize for you this month. Cancer energy governs travel, new adventures, learning, and even higher self-perspectives. Look for spaces where these themes can appear and then allow yourself to start writing your own story instead of thinking you are destined to live someone else’s.

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Lucky days in January: 12 and 18

Capricorn energy is always important because it governs what and who you value. It is not only about luck, but also about love. Capricorn’s energy helps you to fundamentally clarify your motivation factor for making decisions so that you can create a life based on your truth. Mercury goes direct again from January 12 and it’s time to take what you’ve learned and start putting it into practice.

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The luckiest days: 16 and 21

The New Moon in Aquarius rules everything you value in your life. The New Moon signifies new beginnings in your life, which means it’s time to change your priorities a bit, Capricorn so that you put the most energy into what matters most to you. You often have to return to this area, but something different about this New Moon could put you on a very special path.

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Lucky days in January: 21 and 22

The annual New Moon in your sign is one of the luckiest days of the year for you. You love new beginnings more than most other zodiac signs. You prefer to find new and interesting solutions and you always seem to follow a unique path. At the moment of this New Moon, you can rewrite your story to live the most authentic and fortunate life possible.

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The luckiest days: 12 and 13

Marriage is under discussion and, if so, it represents an extremely beneficial and fortunate union. In general, it is a favorable time to sign any legal contract, be it professional or personal matters. Don’t be afraid to commit, especially when it’s meant for you.

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