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Find out which are the signs of the zodiac that need many friends by their side to live well.

It is said that friendship is a precious asset that cannot be done without. Each friend is a unique treasure, able to change things, enrich life with different points of view, and with a closeness that only matters to us can be able to achieve. Nevertheless and as much as this saying is true, not everyone needs friends in the same way and if on the one hand, some cannot live without them, on the other some need a few friends to feel good but good, selected so as not to be divided between several people and to be able to maintain, despite everything, a good dose of privacy. These different ways in which friendships are lived are often linked to the character of each of us, to the experiences lived, to the examples that we have had in the family or among acquaintances, and, albeit minimally, to the influence of the stars. After seeing what the are the characteristics of the zodiac sign of the month and how Sagittarius relates to the other zodiac signs, today we will find out which are the signs that to live well need to have many friends by their side and which, instead, have different needs. Since this is an aspect particularly linked to the way of being and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of each sign to have a more precise idea of ​​the needs of each of them.

Astrology – The zodiac signs that need lots of friends and those who manage things differently

Aries – Those who need to surround themselves with lots of people
Those born under the sign of Aries don’t exactly need as many friends as they need to surround themselves with as many people as possible. To feel good, he likes to know that he always has someone he can count on for an unannounced date or do something fun even in the middle of the night. Rather focused on themselves, they don’t usually deal with establishing exclusive or special relationships but they always like to see different people that they generally tend to meet according to the needs of the moment. From them, you can expect friends with different roles, such as the confidant, the one with whom to release the stress from work, and those with whom to go crazy.

Taurus – Those who need close friends
The natives of Taurus, unlike those born under the sign of Aries, tend more towards quality than quantity. Thus, while not disdaining the possibility of having several friends, they feel more than anything else the need to have good ones and on whom they can count in every juncture of their life. I stayed to trust others easily, natives of the sign tend to see important friends as part of the family and for this reason, they are extremely selective when it comes to choosing them. Once found, however, it is really difficult for them to let them go and they are always ready to go out of their way for them. Taking care of interpersonal relationships is an aspect that is extremely important to them and which they are not willing to give up for anything in the world.

Gemini – Those who need to surround themselves with lots of friends
Those born under the sign of Gemini are among those who, within the zodiac, have the greatest need for friends. Starting from the acquaintances with whom to chat and pass the times, the natives of the sign need a host of people with whom to constantly confront and to be considered precious friends. Although divided between emotional ups and downs that distinguish them, Geminis love to confide in those they believe can understand them, sharing experiences of all kinds and gaining a wider background through those of others. Social animals like few others, feel good need the support of others but also just their presence. Which they require all the time.

Cancer – Those who need affection more than friends
Cancer natives don’t care so much to surround themselves with friends as they care about people who are ready to support them and give them their affection. Although they often have a difficult character also due to their being extremely touchy, the natives of the sign have a great need to have people who know how to be close to them, accepting them as they are and making them feel not only accepted but also appreciated and loved. Jealous of their affections they tend to have a closer bond with relatives whom they consider closer to them rather than friends. In the absence of the right ones, however, they can create a sort of friendship network that becomes a second family for them, sometimes more important than the first. To make this happen, however,

Leo – Those who like to have several friends
For those born under the sign of Leo, it is not a need but something that they find pleasant. For them, what matters is to surround themselves with people who understand them and show certain esteem for them. When this happens the natives of the sign feel satisfied and happy to be able to carry on important relationships and able to enrich them. Having said that, for their friendships to work, it is essential that on the other side there are people who are always ready to show some respect for them. For them it is important to always feel at the center of attention and failing to do so would make them feel bad to the point of thinking that they are surrounded by the wrong people. Their friendships, therefore, are often one-sided and more aimed at receiving than giving.

Virgo – Those who have the right friends
For Virgo natives, it’s not about how many friends to have but which ones may be right for them. Temperamentally difficult to deal with, they are the first to be aware that they need people who are ready to understand and appreciate them for the contribution they can make to a friendship. At the same time, however, they always tend to demand a little from others to the point of sometimes becoming too demanding, ending up with the risk of making relationships tense. This way of doing things leads them not to have many friends but to particularly care for those who can easily get in tune with them, to the point of carrying on relationships even for a lifetime as long as, at the base, there is the same desire to know and accept yourself for what you are. For the rest, they are people who can live well alone, at least in appearance. In reality, in fact, in one way or another, they always end up seeking human contact without which they would end up depressing and this despite often preaching the opposite.

Libra – Those who love to surround themselves with friends
Those born under the sign of Libra like having lots of friends because it makes them feel richer and has a fuller life. Taking great care in the relationships they establish over time, they always manage to give a lot but, precisely for this reason, they expect the same from those around them. When this does not happen, their attitude tends to change. In light of this, they are not used to aiming for quantity as for quality which they consider extremely important especially for long-term relationships. A way of seeing things that makes them always very active with others and that makes them excellent observers, able to immediately understand which people they can get along with and which, instead, they would do better to avoid. . Excellent confidants,

Scorpio – Those who prefer few faithful friends
The natives of Scorpio are very special people and this way of being is also reflected in the relationship they have with others. Reserved by nature, what they need is to have someone by their side who makes them feel loved and whom they can trust. More than friends, they, therefore, need people on whom to rely and it does not matter whether it is a partner, a relative, or someone known in other ways. For them, relationships have value for what they can give them and not for the type of bond that is at the base. A very particular way of seeing things and that not everyone understands but of which the natives of the sign are so aware that they can always manage everything perfectly to be able to surround themselves with the people they deem right for them.

Sagittarius – Those who need as many friends as possible
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a great need for friends which translates into an almost spasmodic search for people who in their opinion may be the right ones for them. Unfortunately, their need is often hindered by their often and willingly demanding more attention than others can give them and this leads them to feel disappointed or unsatisfied with their relationships. Fortunately, their sympathy and the innate ability they have to always make new friends leads them to always have people around so they can choose which ones to make more intimate and which to keep as simple acquaintances for the moments in which they do not have real friends by their side. . Nonetheless, to feel truly satisfied, they would need friends to feel real and close to them.

Capricorn – Those who like to have lots of friends
The natives of Capricorn, although they are always too busy with their life, need to feel that they have friends by their side to rely on in case of need. Feeling the affection of others and having people to deal with is something that relaxes them and makes them feel right about themselves. For this reason, they always try to carve out time for others and when they do, the sense of satisfaction they get is such as to repay every possible sacrifice. For them, friendship is something extremely important. A relationship to be cultivated over time and from which it is possible to draw ever new energies given by sharing and the desire to get to know each other. Always surrounded by people interested in their particular way of being, they can therefore consider themselves satisfied as they certainly do not lack opportunities to make friends. As long as you manage to have time for everyone, which will always require a minimum of selection from them.

Aquarius – Those who don’t need a lot of friends
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are a bit atypical when it comes to friendships. For them, these are not all that important for a peaceful life. This way of thinking depends in particular on their constant need for peace that leads them to try to spend more time alone than in company. In fact, in life, those important bonds that tend to establish over time and that can be of a parental, sentimental and sometimes even friendship type are enough. In any case, these are almost always isolated cases and relationships that tend to be experienced as exclusive and therefore almost do not fall within their idea of ​​friendship. This makes them distinctly different from others and less in need of human interactions than all the other signs of the zodiac.

Pisces – Those who need a trusted person more than many friends
To the natives of Pisces, having so many friends is certainly something that pleases them and makes them happy as it can make them feel more complete due to the wealth of experiences they can do by sharing their thoughts with those of others. For their life, however, what they need most is the closeness of at least one person who is special to them and who can be represented by a partner, a special friend, or even a relative. Without such a figure they would end up feeling alone even among a thousand friends. For this reason, if when it comes to the friendship they spend but up to a certain point, what they continually pursue is the presence in their lives of someone who can make them feel special and loved uniquely.

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