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Let’s find out if you are one of the five clumsier signs of the zodiac: here is today’s horoscope ranking! (Read it without breaking anything … if you can!).

Everyone happens to drop a glass, or tear a shirt, or, in the worst possible case, hit the little finger of the foot against the edge of the bedside table.
These little accidents are normal and happen once in a while to any person, even the most graceful ones!

Of course, when these incidents start to repeat themselves several times a day and always to the same person, then maybe something is wrong. You know what? You just might be in today‘s horoscope chart!

The most clumsy signs of the zodiac: hey, don’t break anything while reading today’s horoscope ranking

Tumblesspilled drinks, shattered dishes, coffee with a teaspoon of salt instead of sugar – how many of these incidents are you familiar with? The list of life’s small inconsistencies could go on for hours and, of course, almost everyone has been affected by one or more of these occurrences.

Maybe you’re running and your shirt gets caught by the doorknobOr you run out of the house completely late, only to remind yourself as soon as it is too late that you have forgotten your house keys, walletcell phone, and mask.
When they give you something in your hand, other people almost expect you to drop it: in short, you get it.

You are a real clumsy! Let’s find out if today’s horoscope ranking will be able to identify the five clumsier signs of the zodiac.
That’s who I am!

Taurus: fifth place

If the Bull could lose his head we assure you that he would lose it: luckily he attached it to his neck!
As commonplace as it may seem, Taurus is one of the clumsier signs of the zodiac precisely because of its forgetfulness.

Forget what his bus stop is, the bag on the seat of the aforementioned means of transport, and then also how to open the door of the house. This is not a clumsy who causes great damage to others but he is certainly clumsy … very confused!

Gemini: fourth place

Despite their dexterity and their artistic temperament (or perhaps because of these two elements) those born under the sign of Gemini can be very clumsy.
Mainly, this characteristic of theirs is expressed in relationships with others.

Gemini are those people who practically never manage to make a ” good impression  with others but always and only behave in ways … embarrassing! In front of others, especially people who want to impress or who like them, Geminis tend to make a very barbed figure. There being clumsy always makes itself felt in the worst moments!

Libra: third place

We give Libra a place in our ranking of the most clumsy zodiac signs simply because… he wants it!
Libra, in fact, is a sign that its goals and actions are very clear and is almost never really clumsy.

Often, however, being ” clumsy “, especially for people who really want to draw attention to themselves as happens to Libras, is a great way to… be watchedLibra is clumsy in an extremely calculated way: it will drop your vase ” by mistake ” or it will throw something you kept aside “without realizing it”. She does it to have a relationship with youbetter give her attention before it destroys your home!

Sagittarius: second place

Sagittarius is one of those signs that have no real idea of ​​the consequences of their actions: they simply don’t care given how clumsy they are! Expensive clotheslimited edition shoesimmaculate kitchens or even working washing machines: these luxuries you will no longer be able to afford if you live with a Sagittarius!

Generally, in fact, those born under this sign are particularly clumsy people: everything falls out of their hands and they cannot step on and/or tear a sheet of paper when they find it in their hands. (Even if it is the bill to be paid as soon as possible!).

In the car, they manage to make lumps even if they are simply opening the door and are generally very messy.
Fortunately, those born under the sign of Sagittarius are often among the sweetest and most tender people you will ever meet – they know how to be forgiven!

Pisces: first place in the ranking of the most clumsy signs of the zodiac

If you know someone born under the sign of Pisces then you know how hard they can struggle to do something without… well, doing damagePisces
are decidedly clumsy people: their ability to take everything lightly and not worry about anything reigns over everything!

Good grandma’s service? Shattered! _ The computer you just bought? Oops, he slipped into the water!
The new headphones, just tested? Lost, who knows where! Pisces, take it all with a shrug and a laugh.
They are clumsy people but also endowed with rare wisdom!

With every peel or slip, with everything lost or broken, Pisces know exactly that nothing that just happened is or will matter.
They are truly Zen people (while everyone around them just… goes crazy!).

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