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In this particular period of the year, placed between the time change and the arrival of the month of April (when we know, there is sweet sleep), the hours we dedicate to sleep seem to take on greater importance. Yet, each of us has different personal needs that not only change from person to person but depend, at least in part, on the zodiac sign. In fact, the stars also influence this aspect of our life. So, after having seen together today we will analyze together the relationship that each sign has with sleep and how many hours of sleep we need to give them better than us.

Aries – a few hours a night
Your being always on the spot and your energy lead you to not need who knows how many hours of sleep. All this goes well with your ability to put all thoughts aside, thus being able to fall asleep early and get the most out of even a single hour of afternoon rest. Which by the way you don’t always allow yourself, taken among the many things to do.

Taurus – as many hours as you can
Sleep is a pleasure for you, so you don’t have a predefined number of hours to devote to sleep. The more you can sleep, the better you feel and this also applies to that hour of afternoon nap that you allow yourself whenever you can. In the absence of commitments you could spend hours lazing in peace, relaxing and recharging both mentally and physically.

Gemini – the bare minimum
For you, sleep is a luxury that should not be wasted. Your energy pushes you to devote little time to rest, so that 5 or 6 hours almost always ends up being enough. Even afternoon naps are very rare and only scheduled when you are sure there is nothing better to do. Alternatively, in fact, you prefer to go out, meet friends and even work.

Cancer – the hours you need
You usually don’t have a predefined number of hours to spend sleeping. Sleeping for you is a natural aspect of life which, as a result, you try to indulge whenever you find yourself sleepy or feel even minimally discharged. For this reason, in addition to getting the right hours of sleep every night, you don’t mind taking an afternoon nap if you know you need it. And woe to take away the moment of rest, staying awake against your will makes you particularly irritable.

Leo – until you feel charged
For you, sleep is the right way to recharge your batteries. For this reason, the hours of sleep you are ready to indulge in vary according to your commitments and the degree of fatigue you feel on your shoulders. Even to prepare for important events you tend to dedicate a few more hours of sleep and the beauty is that this really helps you. So why should you stop doing it?

Virgo – the set hours
Your being precise leads you not to listen to your personal need for sleep. You tend to always go to sleep at the same times and rest for a certain number of hours that do not vary due to lack of sleep or when maybe you are too tired and would need more sleep. A way of doing that in some ways gives you regularity in everyday life but which can sometimes be too rigid, even for someone like you.

Libra – the hours it deems right
You too, like those born under the sign of Virgo, tend to sleep according to predefined patterns. However, you manage to be more elastic by establishing enough hours of sleep a priori and following a method studied on your person and on your rhythms. This way you can get enough sleep during the work week and give yourself a few more hours on rest days. After all, if they are called that, there must be a reason, right?

Scorpio – the afternoon hours
Your lifestyle leads you to significantly vary the hours of sleep you allow yourself. In the moments that you live to the maximum you may not sleep for days while in the absence of particular stimuli you tend to increase the hours of sleep dramatically. One thing is certain, however, in the afternoon you tend to rest better, waking up charged like never before even after only two hours of sleep.

Sagittarius – little and nothing
Your desire to always be around leads you to sacrifice a lot of the hours of sleep that you should give yourself instead. This leads you, in fact, to not always being completely lucid and accusing a tiredness that you could very well avoid if only you allowed yourself a few more hours of sleep.

Capricorn – with lots of naps
More than sleeping you like to take lots of little breaks which inevitably translate into hours of sleep. For this reason, you would be able to spend entire afternoons in bed, alternating reading and TV with your naps. Even at night you tend to follow the same process, thus risking not to rest properly and experiencing the daytime hours with fatigue.

Aquarius – little but well
Your super active nature leads you not to worry too much about the hours of sleep you should allow yourself. However, this does not prevent you from getting a good rest. When you go to sleep, in fact, you are able to create a suitable environment that allows you to rest perfectly, always waking up charged as if you had slept many more hours than you actually allowed yourself.

Pisces – as much as possible
If it serves your work or your creative nature, you are able to steal many hours of sleep. You can get up at dawn and go to sleep late but if you can, you like to stay in bed for several hours. In fact, in the absence of commitments, you could sleep even for 24 hours without feeling strange or suffering from insomnia the next day. The next night you are in fact able to return safely to the arms of Morpheus.

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