You Were The Right Guy At The Wrong Time

It is a well-known fact that timing is something that none of us can affect. I bet all of you had a situation in your lives when you met an amazing guy but he was already taken. Or you got close to the person who became your friend in a very short time but he had to move away.

Things like that will happen all the time and we are the ones that need to decide if something is worth the risk.

I am writing all this because I once fell for the wrong guy. I mean he was the right one but at the wrong time. Which means we didn’t make our dreams come true.

We both were so hopeless because of the situation we were into. We wanted to be together but both of us were married. He was living in an unhappy marriage just like me.

When I think twice, now I finally understand that all those mysterious looks between the two of us were signs that we understood each other even if we didn’t say anything.

It was easy to see each other every day since we were working at the same company. I still remember how you looked at me that day when I told you that my husband hit me.

The bruise was still on my face but I somehow managed to cover it with the help of a little foundation. I could see the anger in your eyes because someone made me feel this way.

For you, I was a woman to love. And I must admit that I felt the same for you. But the circumstances weren’t in our favor.

I couldn’t leave my husband because I was feeling sorry for my kids and you felt the same way about yours. I always wanted my kids to have a good home and loving parents, and I knew that a divorce would ruin them.

That’s why I stayed in a toxic relationship like that. I wanted my kids to feel safe and good and I wasn’t thinking about myself at all.

Now, I wish I could have escaped from the abusive man my husband was. I could have had an amazing life with the man I chose. And I would be choosing him every single time.

But, life wrote a different story for the two of us. You stayed with your wife and I stayed with my husband. And we did that even if our worlds were falling apart.

You know, it is not so easy to leave the one you love and knowing that you will never be with him.

Because that’s what the two of us did. We stayed in unhappy relationships to make others happy while we were sad. We sacrificed our lives to make our kids feel good.

Maybe we shouldn’t have done that. Maybe our kids would have been happier in a different family. Maybe it would be better for them not to look their parents argue every single day.

Just maybe…

But we chose a different path. And maybe things would be so different if both of us had made an effort. Because when you meet the right guy, it is never bad timing.

You will do anything to make it work, right? Unfortunately, you and I weren’t so brave and we went with the flow.

So, this story is for all of you out there who think that they met the right guy at the wrong time. If you let go a person you love the most, you can’t blame timing.

You can only blame yourself because you weren’t into them enough to make it work.

There isn’t a magical time when all the things will fit into their places. But there is maybe a person in your life who will make timing unessential.

And when that person becomes a part of your life, you will find a way to stick to them because that kind of timing is always right!

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