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They are neither really smart nor really dumb: they are the most crafty zodiac signs in the whole horoscope. Are you among them?

Have you ever known the proverbial ” clever of three crushes ?”.
You know quite well who we are talking about: that person who thinks he’s smart but, unfortunately for her, isn’t really that smart.
They do nothing but look for subterfuges and loopholes and often end up making themselves a little ridiculous in the eyes of others.
Don’t you want to know who we’re talking about?

The most crafty zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: are you among them too?

We didn’t think about the worst possibility .

Isn’t it that you too are among the most crafty zodiac signs in the whole horoscope ?
You certainly know who we are talking about. Do you know that colleague or friend who does nothing but make up excuses, talk about things that don’t exist and fill his mouth with elaborate and imaginative lies to avoid doing what he wants?

Here, it could be one of the most crafty zodiac signs in the whole horoscope. The crafty people believe they are really intelligent : what they don’t know is that everyone sees their game but they leave them alone to… quietly live.
How about: let’s find out who is in the top five positions of this particular horoscope ranking ?

Cancer: fifth place

Dear Cancerian friends , we really have to tell you.

You are lucky because your cunning often and willingly saves you from worse situations. Read before the others how something will turn out and you come out of it feeling very clever; others often “discover” you but, in the end, they will recognize that if you have come out of it (even in a “crafty” way), you Cancers have made the best choice anyway!

Aries: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Aries are people who really can’t stop trying to be smart.
The results, however, are often a little poor!

Aries , in fact, are people who have no problem behaving like the most ” crafty ” in any situation.
They believe they are always one step ahead of everyone else and do not know that, often, the people who really want to cheat know very well what is happening!

Gemini: third place

For those born under the sign of Gemini , being “smart” is not something they take into account or do consciously.
Simply, at some point, Gemini realized that by lying or manipulating they can truly achieve results!

Here, then, that for Gemini it has become almost normal to face life in a “smart” way.
They are always ready to do something hidden , behind the backs of others, to complicate situations and relationships for the sake of not having to face something head on.
For Gemini , it is always better to behave as “crafty” rather than face the consequences of their actions! The result, often, is that Gemini struggles to look back, that they have to burn bridges and cut off relationships with people they really loved!

Libra: second place

Dear Libra, we are sure that you will be amazed to find yourself in second place in the ranking of the most crafty zodiac signs of the whole horoscope .

Libra , in fact, is a sign that ends up becoming a hypocrite or “crafty”, depending on the case, due to one of its main defects.
Those born under the sign of Libra  always want to please everyone even when he does unpleasant things or does things mainly for himself.
That’s why, therefore, Libra behaves like a real crafty: she is used to looking for the subterfuge to do what he wants without letting others know! Libra never want to pass for the foolish, the one who goes against the rules or the annoying person that, at times, they can be
She prefers to do it in secret, behaving like an eternal teenager and making some really barbed figures at times!

Capricorn: first place in the ranking of the most crafty zodiac signs of the whole horoscope

Yes, dear Capricorns , you are also in the ranking of the most crafty zodiac signs of the whole horoscope .
Indeed, you are not only present: you are right in the first place !

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are people who cannot really help but always try to achieve the result by taking the shortest path.
For Capricorns , in fact, being the first in the list or ranking is very important!
That’s why they look for any means to reach their goals, even the most “crafty” ones there are!
Too bad, dear Capricorns , that others can see your desire to be successful from afar and that, often, they let you do it precisely because you are so competitive that it is very difficult to deal with you when you lose!

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