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Better find out together immediately what is the list of signs that do not know how to give gifts: at least you will be able to make the best of a bad situation!

Yes, the horoscope can help us to understand the signs of the zodiac that just are not able to become to the ideas for others.
Since we are right around Christmas, it is worth asking: who are the people who are sure to give you a horrible gift?

Fortunately for us, the stars and planets have compiled today’s ranking to give us a warning. Now, before opening the packages, you just have to ask who gave you the gift what sign it is, and then … prepare for the worst!

The zodiac signs that do not know how to give gifts: let’s find out who is in today’s horoscope ranking

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Raise your hand to those who have never unwrapped a Christmas package to find a pan, a pair of socks, or an aftershave inside.
Come on, up we have all been “victims” of gifts bought at the last minute by friends, boyfriends, and even relatives!

Who knows, this Christmas, again, you don’t happen to unwrap a really bad gift, that you don’t like and don’t need but that someone has decided to give you?

Since the situation can often become very embarrassing, we thought we would ask the stars and planets to help us.
The ranking of the zodiac signs that do not know how to give gifts, therefore, will help us to better understand who we have in front of the moment of exchanging gifts.

Ask them what their sign is before you start unwrapping the package and be prepared if they are in the rankings: even if they put all their heart into it, their gift will surely be… rather ugly!

Scorpio: fifth place

As much as we regret having to admit it, those born under the sign of Scorpio are not exactly good at giving gifts. Especially at parties controlled, when the pressure to choose a gift starts to put them in difficulty!

The Scorpio is struggling to understand what other people want (because, often, other people do not say things clearly like them).
The result is that they have a lot of good intentions but few practical ideas and end up giving gifts … mediocre, come on.

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Gemini: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Gemini are landslides when it comes to gifts. At least, they are with most people: maybe you fall into which ten percent of Gemini acquaintances who get nice gifts instead, who knows?

The Twins are people extremely sensitive but … to themselves! When we speak of the other, so if you can guess a right gift does not deviate more from that road and make you, every year, a gift of the first variation.
They are not very imaginative when it comes to giving gifts or too much: they take something that leaves you speechless because you have never heard of it, you did not want it and you do not like it!

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Virgo: third place

That those born under the sign of Virgo are not able to give gifts (especially for Christmas) a little amazes us, isn’t it?
Yet it is true: the Virgin, despite her legendary organization and precision, always finds herself a little in trouble for gifts!

Accustomed as they are to having clear answers, when those born under the sign of Virgo have to give gifts they begin to go into crisis.
If you have told them what you want they will give you the item you wanted, they will go all the way to the end of the world to find it! If you have not told them, however, how normal it is, you will put them in crisis!

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Libra: second place

The balance, despite his ways of doing very coy when it wants, earns second place in the standings today.
Well yes: even those born under the sign of Libra just don’t know how to give gifts!

The balance is a sign that is often lost behind their interests and they talk so much with everyone. For this reason, then, when he has to buy something for other people he starts to get into trouble: what is it that others like?

When they don’t immediately have what others may be interested in, Libra ends up giving gifts that speak more about Libra itself than about the person they are giving a gift to! So here’s her favorite book, her favorite skincare, a scarf Libra would wear, or tickets to something that interests Libra!

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Leo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that do not know how to give gifts

Well yes, dear Leos, it is time to admit this very great lack of yours. Is it (really) denied when it comes to gifts for Christmas!
Extremely focused on yourself and your needs, unable to understand that others might like to receive something, you always reduce yourself to the last in giving gifts.

It’s not true? The Lion is the real example not to follow when we talk about gifts for Christmas.
Not only do they constantly make mistakes but they also get angry: but as you don’t like their gift, Leos have tried so hard!

Here, the reality is that Leos are not people who take care of others and their needs very much, even when they are close to them.
Since they feel they are the protagonists of everything, they believe that the mere fact of having bought you something is enough for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a packet of handkerchiefs: since it comes from Leo it should seem like the best gift in the world!

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