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Discover the right breakfast for you based on your zodiac sign.

It is well known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This, in addition to giving the right energy to get going and face the many hours of study or work, can bring a little good mood, giving one more reason to get out of bed. Even when it comes to breakfast the influence of the stars is not to be underestimated. They affect both preferences and the way we react to each type of meal. For this reason, today, we will find out which breakfast is best suited to our needs, based on our zodiac sign. The advice is aimed at people in good health and who are not following any treatment or diet. So if, for example, you have diabetes, you will not be able to start eating sweets, even if recommended by the stars. Having said that, let’s have fun discovering what kind of breakfast can do for us.

The perfect breakfast for every zodiac sign

Aries – Coffee and rusks with jam
The fundamental element for your breakfast is, without a doubt, coffee. Dynamic as you are, you need to stock up on energy right away both to keep you awake and to be full for the sprint. At the coffee, you can accompany rusks with jam if you are at home or some pasta with cream if you are at the bar. What matters is having your hot coffee, an irreplaceable friend for the first hours of the day.

Taurus – Brioche and cappuccino
A gluttonous like you can only start the day in the best possible way with a breakfast at the bar. If in good company, it can also be consumed at home, what matters is that there is no lack of brioches and cappuccinos which represent a way to get out of bed more easily and start on the right foot. Loading up given the day’s commitments is a really important moment for you, to the point that it can influence the following hours. So, better go straight into it with something that can tantalize the palate and give a good mood.

Gemini – The American breakfast
An American breakfast is an ideal choice for you who, otherwise, risk getting bored even with the first meal you find in the morning. And nothing is worse than getting up with one foot in boredom, right? So, American breakfast either, with toasted slices, bacon, scrambled eggs, cappuccino, orange juice, and whatever you like. Commonn sense will help you not to accumulate everything in a single day but to alternate the various possibilities, to have a breakfast that is always different.

Cancer – Milk and biscuits
Your homely and nostalgic nature leads you to appreciate in a particular way an awakening that can bring to mind the happy days of childhood, those in which before going to school you used to eat milk and biscuits. A breakfast that never tires you and that still today is the most suitable for you, precisely because it can evoke emotions set aside but still alive and present and always ready to come out. Plus, it’s a good way to kick off your day with just the right amount of sweetness.

Leone – Porridge
A good porridge could be ideal, full of flavor and the right nutrients to support you over the hours. Oats, dried fruit, and some toppings such as peanut cream or chocolate, can give you the right boost to accompany you and make you more gritty than ever. And then the saying also says that whoever gets off to a good start is half the battle, right? So why not get off to a good start?

Virgo – Coffee latte and homemade cake
If you like simple flavors, a cup of milk and coffee with a slice of freshly baked cake is simply the best. A way to let yourself be intoxicated by scents that taste good and that push you to make the most of the day. The flavor of a homemade cake is the most delicious there is and can satisfy the palate without weighing you down, a very important element for you since during working hours you want to feel in splendid shape.

Libra – Orange juice and sweet
Waking up tastes better if there is an orange juice waiting for us accompanied by a small brioche or a sweet. A way to start the meal in a light but tasty way, filling up with vitamin C and sweetness and thus setting off towards the new day that will be full of commitments as always and which for this reason must be started in a healthy way but with the presence of some little vice.

Scorpio – Toast with eggs and macchiato
The smell of freshly toasted hot bread mixing with that of freshly cooked eggs is something you just can’t resist. Sinking your teeth into something soft and fragrant puts you in a good mood as does the awareness of taking in all the nutrients you need to start the day in the right way. Proteins give you energy while bread gives you a good mood. And if you add a good macchiato to everything, you get practically perfection.

Sagittarius – Milk and snacks
In the morning he will have gold in his mouth but, given the choice, you prefer to sleep until the last moment. For breakfast, therefore, you don’t have much time left and for this reason, you prefer to linger in a cup of milk in which to dip a snack or a slice of ready-made cake. Nothing demanding but able to quickly provide you with the energy you need to face the first hours of the day. For the rest, there is always a mid-morning snack.

Capricorn – Milk and cereals
In the morning you have always occupied with a thousand things and your head is already so marked by work that you do not have much time left to devote to breakfast. For this reason, one of your favorite solutions is milk with cereals. A quick and tasty way to kick off the day that can accompany you for several hours, making you feel at ease and at the same time light. A feeling that you like after all.

Aquarius – Greek yogurt with fresh and dried fruit
For you, breakfast must be light and tasty, for this reason, one of your favorites is the one with Greek yogurt and fruit to which you can also add a handful of dried fruit to have a healthy meal. complete, able to give you the right energy and to take you safely until the next meal without damaging your physical shape.

Pisces – The complete pancakes
For you, breakfast must be complete and bring sweetness and energy. For this reason, you appreciate pancakes, which are rich in flavor and genuine at the same time. The most suitable? Those so-called proteins that therefore contain the right amount of protein, to which flour and yogurt mix to arrive at a complete and balanced meal but dressed as a dessert. A perfect way to kick off your day, isn’t it?

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