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Why Everyone Should Have A Cancer Girlfriend. Sensitivity Makes Her A Reliable Ally

If you have a Cancer friend in your life, you probably already know that this sign is an example of loyalty and that everyone needs it.

Cancer is truly special and everyone needs such a friend, who can be a support and comfort. But what are those characteristics that turn her into the horoscope’s best friend?

Being a water sign, Cancer understands deep emotions and needs time to process them, but may seem calm on the surface.

Although Cancer coincides with the hot summer season, it has a calming and refreshing energy, just like its water element. The symbol for Cancer is the crab. This zodiac sign may seem tough on the outside, but it hides a lot of its vulnerability inside. Before moving on to the reasons why Cancer is a true friend, I leave you below a little history of this water zodiac sign.

He has a leadership spirit, but also a lot of compassion

Your Cancer friend is an excellent leader. She uses her intuitive and emotional nature to deeply understand people and situations, which gives her an ideal perspective in solving problems. Cancer thinks with its heart and not with its head, and although this may seem like a reckless approach, compassion takes it far in life. A deeply maternal and sensitive sign, Cancer uses its emotional acuity to take care of people’s hearts.

She was born to be a friend

If you need an ear to listen, you can always count on this sign. He will drop everything he does to help you because that’s what he knows best. Live to serve others and lift them when life knocks them down. No one can comfort others like Cancer, because this sign has a way of seeing into people’s hearts and offering wonderful advice.

This zodiac sign is very protective of loved ones, so you don’t want to mess with your friends and family. If you mess with them or threaten them in any way, beware of the wrath of Cancer. He seems sweet and gentle, but he will not hesitate to show his ferocity toward anyone who threatens his loved ones. Being in the company of a Cancer means always feeling safe because you mean everything to him.

Your Cancer friend is the voice of reason

Despite the deeply sentimental nature, a person born under the Cancer sign will not hesitate to tell the truth about a situation. Don’t underestimate a Cancer’s ability to reason; do not simply let yourself fall prey to emotions. If you have a friend under the Cancer sign, find out that she takes enough time to respond diplomatically when needed, taking into account all the information and finding the best solutions for everyone involved. This quality allows him to give you really useful advice and to bring you down to earth when you need it.

Those born under the Cancer sign do not shy away from deep emotions

Do you need a good listener? No one knows emotions like Cancer, so they won’t be intimidated when others express their deep feelings about a subject. However, ironically, Cancers only show their emotions if they trust you, so if they happen to bare their soul, take it as a huge compliment. Cancers prefer to listen to someone else’s problems rather than share their own.

This zodiac sign is real support for the people in his life

Although they feel a lot of pain, they will hardly show this to the people close to them. They don’t like to feel vulnerable, so they show their hard shell in front of the world. They have a turbulent nature, but appear calm on the surface, just like their element, water. Always balanced and calm, Cancerians remain firm in their position and do what is needed for the people close to them. Their emotions fluctuate with the cycles of the moon, but they have an outward resolve that many of their friends admire.

They are very loyal friends

Caring and compassionate, cancer will never leave you once you’ve won their trust. It takes him a while to open up, but once he’s comfortable, you’ll make a friend for life. Regardless of the time of day or night, this zodiac sign will be with you when you need it the most. He will never leave you, no matter what you go through, because he knows what it’s like to be abandoned by those you love.

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