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October 28, 2023, Full Moon In Taurus Will Promote Love And Fortune For 3 Zodiac Signs.

A full moon on October 28, 2023, will bathe the night sky in a very special light. This astral phenomenon takes place in the sign of Taurus and brings with it powerful energies that are beneficial to the love and fortune of some zodiac signs. Read in this article which three zodiac signs will benefit the most from this full moon and how you can use these positive influences for yourself.


The full moon is always a moment of emotional intensity when our feelings are heightened and we tend to act more spontaneously. More specifically, when the full moon occurs in Taurus, it brings with it energies related to affection, sensuality, and the pursuit of pleasure and material comfort. So, it is an auspicious time to expand our love relationships and attract financial prosperity.


The full moon in Taurus will not have the same effect on all zodiac signs. Some star constellations predict that three zodiac signs in particular will benefit greatly from its benefits.

1. Taurus

Unsurprisingly, people under the sign of Taurus are among those who will benefit the most from this full moon in their sun sign. The Taurus energies will be at their zenith, amplifying all the qualities and desires typical of people born under this sign. Taurus can therefore prepare to experience a peak of emotion and sensuality during this time. You will also have the opportunity to attract more material and financial wealth and will be able to implement important projects in these areas.

  • In Love: Single Taurus have a good chance of finding someone with whom they can share a sincere and lasting relationship. For couples who are already together, the feelings will become even stronger and the closeness to each other will become even more intense.
  • Financial aspects: there will be opportunities for additional profits, and the investments made during this period will be successful.

2. Cancer

The zodiac sign of Cancer is also favored by this full moon in Taurus. As water signs, Cancer natives are generally very sensitive to emotional fluctuations caused by the Moon. Additionally, their deeply intuitive nature will make it easy for them to seize the opportunities that come their way during this time.

  • In love: Cancers can feel the affection and tenderness of their partners more intensely, which will increase the intimacy of love relationships. For singles, this full moon is favorable for new sentimental encounters.
  • Financially: Cancers’ instincts will guide them to make wise decisions when it comes to investments or financial management. This means you can focus on projects that will pay off in the long term.

3. Capricorn

After all, those under the sign of Capricorn will also have reason to be happy during the full moon in Taurus. Since Capricorns are an earth sign like Taurus, they will receive positive vibrations related to the material and financial spheres with ease. In addition, the sensual and passionate side of this full moon will bring a touch of lightness and spontaneity to the love relationships of those born under this sign.

  • In love: Capricorns will value more moments of complicity and exchange with their better half, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere within the couple. Singles can be positively surprised by unexpected and promising encounters.
  • From a financial point of view: Capricorns can take advantage of a favorable period to realize projects that they have had in mind for a long time. Your professional and financial efforts will be rewarded with significant profits.

All in all, the full moon in Taurus on October 28, 2023, promises a wealth of emotions and opportunities for all three zodiac signs. Love, wealth, and material achievements will make the most of this extraordinary sidereal period for Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn.

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