Find out which are the zodiac signs that don’t care about criticism and which ones, instead, worry too much.

When dealing with others, you always end up receiving criticism. And these, based on how they are experienced, can affect the well-being of the person, his way of perceiving himself, and even how he acts or relates to people. Being able to live criticism constructively is not a simple and immediate thing and many people end up feeling worse than they would like to admit.

This may depend on the esteem they have in themselves, the experiences they have lived, the period they are experiencing, and, of course, the influence of the stars. For this reason, today we will try to understand which are the signs of the zodiac that do not care about criticism and which, instead, care a little too much. A way to get to know each other better and to understand others too.

Find out if and how much the signs of the zodiac care about criticism

Aries – Those who do not care at all, at least in appearance
Those born under the zodiac sign of Aries are people who do not care much about criticism. Sure of themselves, they almost can’t stand someone to do it to them and when that happens they end up taking it very personally. Needing to always feel at the center of attention, they tend to respond in kind to anyone who dares to contradict them, doing the opposite of what they are told. At the same time, however, they can’t help but feel angry enough to think about it more than they would like. So, even if the manners wouldn’t tell, in the long run, they end up elaborating what they are told and this, sooner or later, can even lead them to improve them. Which, of course, they will never admit.

Taurus – Those who think little about it
The natives of the astrological sign of Taurus are much more confident than you might think. This leads them to not care much about the criticism they receive. Unless they were the ones who asked for an opinion about it. In these cases, they pause to reflect on what they are told and if they deem it appropriate they are willing to change their way of doing things. Otherwise, they don’t seem to care what they are told and all because when they decide to act in a given way and because they have already thought about it enough, believing they are doing the best. Thus, since they are not used to being interested in what others may think of them, they tend to live quite peacefully even in the presence of criticism of their person.

Gemini – Those who pay attention to it
Those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini are quite susceptible. For this reason, when they find themselves receiving criticism they always feel stung, taking it badly. If these come from people they trust, they try to take them constructively and work hard to do their best. When they are criticized by mere acquaintances, however, things change. And, the natives of the sign begin to take it personally, withdrawn and striving not to pay attention to what they are told. Even reacting in this way, however, they do not stop thinking about it. These are people with a strong critical sense and who always want to improve themselves. Which, of course, works in their favor, leading them to always grow in a harmonious and never forced way.

Cancer – Those who take it to death
The natives of the astrological sign of Cancer are used to taking all kinds of criticisms badly. Often insecure and in need of the appreciation of others, when they hear words of criticism against them, they become particularly nervous. They usually end up pouting or escalating. Accepting opinions other than theirs is something they are not willing to do. Just as they don’t like to be questioned, especially by the people they love or trust. Whenever someone tells them something negative, they end up feeling bad enough to go into crisis. This is why they tend to react exaggeratedly. This leads them to close in on themselves and consequently prevents them from improving. Regardless of how the criticisms live, therefore,

Leo – Those who do not tolerate them
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo are so sure of themselves that they don’t mind criticism at all. Nevertheless, they do not like to receive them. Used to being the center of attention, they need to always receive praise and compliments and when this does not happen they end up becoming particularly annoyed. Which, among other things, they tend to point out to those around them to avoid subsequent words against them. It must be said that they tend to focus more on who said what than on the message itself. And this leads them not to think too much about what they are told. After all, when they do something it is only because they believe it to be correct, which is why they feel no need to change things, much less themselves or the way they do.

Virgo – Those who feel bad but soon forget
Virgo natives are more touchy than you think. When they receive criticism they take it to death. They feel points on the quick and most of the time they can respond in kind, regardless of the intentions of those who dared to come forward in this sense. At first, they also tend to feel pretty bad, to feel hurt and missing something. This way of seeing themselves, however, leads them to quickly withdraw into themselves and stop considering the thing. This translates into an attitude destined to always remain the same. Even if you do not forget who has criticized them, they can change their way of dealing with those directly concerned. A way of doing things that in the long run can create tensions and problems. Which they are not willing to change.

Libra – Those who hardly ever care
The born below the zodiac sign of Libra are people who aspire to the best and for this reason, they are always ready to improve. For this reason, if they believe that a critical date has something positive, they pay attention to it, trying to study themselves to understand if and where to change. In general, however, they are also confident. And this means that if the criticism is perceived as something groundless or very far from them, they do not care at all, going their own way. They usually just smile politely and change the subject or say clearly how they feel about it. This is mostly an attitude they have with people they are not particularly familiar with. With relatives and friends, on the other hand, they tend to uncover a little more and say what they don’t like about how they are treated.

Scorpio – Those who only consider those they think to make sense
The natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio are highly introspective. They have also always been the first critics of themselves, which helps them to grow and improve from time to time. This way of leading them to often be receptive to the criticisms they receive. Which they do only with those they consider constructive. If criticism comes to improve them they take it positively. On the contrary, if they arrive the wrong way or denote envy and jealousy, they are ready to ignore them. What they do with the utmost naturalness and without problems of any kind. After all, the natives of the sign have always been able to recognize the intentions of others. And based on their feelings, they know they are never wrong. For this reason, they also manage to make the most of the criticisms they receive and all because they always know how to handle them. A negative comment that comes from someone they do not consider reliable will not even be taken into consideration.

Sagittarius – Those who hate criticism
Those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are more fragile and susceptible than they want to believe. When it comes to criticism, therefore, they are susceptible people to the point of being able to take it to death. Assuming that they love to make them but don’t like to receive them, when this happens they always tend to experience it badly. While trying not to show it, they find themselves thinking about it and rethinking it over and over again. Which makes them nervous and strangely insecure. Over time, the sensations they experience can even lead them to withdraw from those who have made unwanted observations. And all because they don’t know how to handle it. To think that it would be enough to simply take note of what we heard and work on it to get better. For them, however,

Capricorn – Those who don’t hear criticism
The natives of the astrological sign of Capricorn usually go their own way. While facing obstacles, problems, or contrary observations, they prefer not to care and pretend that they do not exist. The same is true of criticism. Sometimes they may even pretend to listen and give thanks for what they have been told. The truth, however, is that they will rarely focus on the problem to improve. It is much easier for them to think that they are always on the right side. Which, among other things, they do quite well and that leads them to stop listening entirely to those who usually point out things they don’t like. An attitude that certainly prevents them from growing as people but that suits them to the point of being the only one they choose to put into practice.

Aquarius – Those who turn a deaf ear
Those born below the Aquarius zodiac sign they do not tolerate being told how to live their life. For this reason, they do not accept criticism from anyone and for any situation. Whether these come from strangers or from people they care about, it makes no difference to them. The reaction will always be the same or refusal. Even when they cannot refrain from listening to them, such as at work, the natives of the sign limit themselves to pretending to understand and accept them only to continue to do as always. An attitude that can certainly create problems for him. Problems that in their eyes are still less serious than having to bend over and change at the requests of others. Because that’s the only way they see criticism. A way that leads them to never consider them.

Pisces – Those who care about the criticisms that come from those they love
The natives of the zodiac sign of Pisces are very sensitive people. Nonetheless, they are also strong and perfectly capable of ignoring criticism from others. When this happens, they pause for a moment to reflect on what they have been told. And if they find that there is room for improvement, they accept everything to work on themselves. If not, they just ignore every single word. But when criticism comes from people they love or trust, things are different. In this case, the natives of the sign cannot help but question themselves trying to understand if and where they are wrong. An attitude that certainly helps them improve. As long as they take it all with little emotion. Otherwise, the risk would be to feel bad. Which usually.


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