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What will happen in 2022 for all of us, according to numerology in 2022

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Wondering what will happen in 2022?

As last year was a tumultuous one, it is a good question to ask!

At the beginning of each year, we look ahead and wonder what will happen next, and numerology can provide us with useful information about this complex question!

We are in the year 2022 , and the number of destiny or the Way of Life is 5.

What is the year 2022 preparing for us?

The number of destiny or Path of Life for the year 2022 is calculated as follows: 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5

Path of Life number 5
 comes with its own descriptions and explanations. This is the path we are all on right now, which is about change, renewal and freedom.

More directly, this year we have the chance to live happier and healthier lives, and the only way to achieve this is through effort.

In numerology, the path of life number 5 is that state between earth and heaven, the midpoint. This is our reset button and it’s up to us to do our best.

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What will happen in 2022 , depending on the way of life number 5

Believe in positive change

Change is expected in 2022 . At this time, the planet is vibrating with violence, separation and greed. This is low energy, and this kind of energy is destructive.

We eat unhealthy foods that lower our energy levels.

We focus on division and hatred, which reduces our energy levels.

Social media is taking over our minds.

We replace silence with noise. We keep the TV on all day and all night.

We stare at our phones, never allowing our minds to be quiet.

We avoid health, peace, kindness and compassion.

We align with everyone else, we do what others do without thinking.

We have looked at ourselves as individuals and no longer see ourselves as beings with hope and potential. Now we only associate ourselves with negativity and terror.

This planet is full of evil. We never look at ourselves to change, we just look to blame and hate anyone else.

To increase the vibration of the planet, we must increase our individual vibration.

We must believe in ourselves again as the source of all good and possible things.

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Less news

In 2022 , people will move away from the news.

We have become addicted to the media. You will most likely want to reduce your news and media consumption by 50-100%.

The mind is creative, and the media is imprinted on your brain, leaving you burdened with countless repetitive images, sounds, and warnings.

If you feel that you can’t give up news or social media, don’t worry, they will always reach you if you are a person present on any social platform.

But, you don’t have to be present and available for such things to happen repetitively. That’s enough, and you need to know when to stop.

Remember that by repeating, the statements become manifestations. You become what you think.

There are people who watch a certain television station non-stop, day and night, without a break. This is a restless mind, and when our minds are tired, we sleep terribly, become paranoid, quarrelsome, and aggressive.

Our mental health suffers.

We become one with the negativity we are witnessing and we begin to believe that no matter how bad we feel, we need more and more, because … what happens if we miss? The fear of losing kills us slowly but surely.

What really happens is that we lose our lives. Don’t give up your precious life to find out news non-stop!

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In 2022 , people will take care of themselves.

We are taught from an early age that we are selfish if we think of ourselves, so what happens is that when we have to protect ourselves from something negative, we are to blame for selfish actions.

It is very important to end our relationships with toxic people who only bring us deep negativity. It’s not a bad or selfish thing at all.

This is especially true for the family. The blood family is a good example of how we let people abuse us. It is certain that if there were no blood ties, he would have nothing to do with them.

The family is a tribe. It’s about who you choose to be close to. Some are lucky and find balance and happiness in their blood family.

The idea of ​​saying a strong NO to a family member is a bad one. Sure, let them destroy you, it’s your family after all, right? Nothing worse than that!

Allowing someone to abuse you is not acceptable.

You don’t owe your downfall to anyone on this earth. If there is a relationship, whether family, friendship or romantic, and that situation causes you suffering and mental damage, it is your duty to protect yourself and eliminate it from your life.

You owe it to yourself to get rid of anything and everyone who hurts you!

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Healthy eating

A responsible food diet is possible in 2022 .

The problem of a healthy diet is as real as it can be here on Earth.

If someone tells us that we need to give up fast food or give up meat, we panic and automatically condemn those who show us a healthy alternative. For example, almost everyone loves to hate vegans.

You don’t have to give up meat, it was just an example. But you can drink more water and fresh juices. Eat vegetables, learn to cook so you can explore the world of great tastes and varieties.

We all know that without health we have nothing!

We can only feel sorry for ourselves for how we have been so far, but the Path of Life number 5 has set us on a path to success, why miss it? Eat healthily

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