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Why Every Sign Hates To Be Told To Be Missed After They Hurt Him

They say never use revenge on someone who hurt you, because over time they usually destroy themselves, has it happened to you? There are those who break you into pieces and then go over them, and then ask why you cry. It hurts to knock them out of your soul and heart, but when you do it from the root there is no going back. The bad thing is that they have the cynicism to look for you and tell you that they miss you. Why does every sign hate being told they miss it after they hurt it?


There is nothing that bothers you more than receiving a message from your ex saying that he misses you and knowing  that it took you nights of sleepless nights to say goodbye. You hate that he dares to write because you know it’s not worth it, that he got used to always coming back when he wanted to, but now you understand that it was because you were blinded and you didn’t have enough self-esteem. Too bad because there is nothing left of  that defenseless soul, it is better now to look elsewhere.


They may say that Taurus is spiteful when it comes to someone who hurt them, but in reality they  understand that their value is above someone who does not know what it means to compromise. Why does every sign hate being told they miss it after they hurt it? Because Taurus or day when they tell him that they miss him because they no longer trust one bit , because they are not willing to deal with so much chaos. They got tired of the drama, of the instability and now they prefer the peace of mind  that comes from knowing that they do not have to worry that their partner is with someone else.


Gemini is very decisive when it comes to ending a relationship. He can love you in a  passionate way and still cling to his resilience to say goodbye to you. He can’t stand when someone who broke his heart has the nerve to send him a message saying that he  misses him, because he knows that it is only a moment of rapture, that that person does not know what he  wants and that now you know that you do not want him in your life and that it has to go on without you.


Cancer really suffers when a relationship ends, because it is hooked in auniqueway, it is not afraid to give up its most vulnerable side and it is difficult for it to accept that the personwho once was its confidant and refuge after a bad day is now gone. However, he hates being texted saying they miss him because he knows perfectly well that he doesn’t deserve so little love in your life. Now you lost your chance, there is no more room for you.


Leo has a hard time when a relationship ends, because not only his heart faces a duel, but  also his ego and the second one costs him more. How to accept that someone to whom you gave everything ended up hurting you? Leo blames himself for having surrendered to the wrong arms and hates that they dare to tell him that they miss him because they do not deserve his time , because he already wasted  too much by his side, for him to still answer a message, Do not even dream about it!


Behind a soul that always has everything under control, that analyzes each step, that is not easily carried away by what its heart says, but its logical part, hides an exceptional being  , one of those couples who improve you in all senses. The truth is that Virgo does not regret what he gave, because he knows that he has much more value than someone who does not know what loyalty is. Why does every sign hate being told they miss it after they hurt it? Because Virgo hates to be told that they miss him because he is no longer the same person, now he does not have time for such nonsense. 


Libra is the type of partner who was there to lift you up, to remind you of how much you are worth, to motivate you and applaud your victories. When he falls in love, he has no eyes for anyone else and it ispossible that his dreamy side makes the blow hurt more, because he looks to the future with that person. Even if he feels that the pain tears him, he takes you out of his life and hehates that you send him a message, because he has already overcome you and now the only thing you cause is pain,go on, don’t stop.


Take a deep breath and look away, because if there is a sign that got tired of giving second  chances, without a doubt, it is Scorpio. Although he may seem like a cold being, he is one of the most emotional and when he loves he does so without a single filter. It hurts him to know that he trusted someone insignificant and he  hates being sent a message saying that they miss him because he does not forget all the horrible things that he lived and because he knows that the past stays there, now he only has a heart for the future.


Back with Sagittarius? Seriously, I recommend that you take a seat because I see that possibility very complicated . Sagittarius is not someone who loves relationships, so when he surrenders it is because he really saw something special, but if you did not value it, forget it, he does not have time to wait for you to change. She hates you texting her because she doesn’t want you in her life anymore and now all you’re doing is interfering because she wants to hang out with other people. Get over it, he forgot you.


Fortunately, Capricorn is a constant, disciplined and reason-loving sign. When  a relationship ends, he has a very bad time, because he becomes unbalanced and is a lover of control, but  once he turns the page he begins to analyze the pros and cons of everything until  he realizes that it was the best . Because Capricorn hates being sent a message saying they miss him because now he only matters what his mind says, it’s been a long time since you live in his heart.


Really close that chapter in your life and keep moving forward because Aquarius is not going to stop to forgive you. Well … maybe I will forgive you, but then don’t even dream about it. At the beginning of the  breakup, Aquarius feels out of place because he gets used to the couple’s routine like everyone else  , but once he returns to his loneliness, there is nothing better. He hates being told they  miss him because he doesn’t like living in the past, you stayed there and the truth is that now his  life is better.


The reason Pisces couples keep texting like there’s no  tomorrow is because it’s such a noble sign that they naively believe it’s going to give in all the time. Pisces has a very difficult time when he removes a person from his life, but it hurts so much that he does not  think about falling into a vicious circle. He hates being sent a message saying they miss him because he  already put you in his memories section, you don’t have any space in the new chapters  of his life. Now the only thing he can give you is his indifference.

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