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The Christmas tree can be decorated by choosing infinite shades. According to astrologers, each zodiac sign corresponds to a perfect shade.

Each astrological sign corresponds to a color that is assigned starting from the personality traits of each zodiac sign. This color is a source of inspiration and positive energy for its associated sign.

Decorating your Christmas tree by preferring the color of your zodiac sign will make you live the holidays with the right spirit. Your zodiac color is your source of well-being. Try to make him dominate your life and you will see the difference. You could start with Christmas decorations.

Here is what color you should decorate your Christmas tree according to your sign

Are you ready to discover the hue of color that governs your zodiac sign? Let’s see if it coincides with your favorite color and if you like it as a choice for Christmas decorations.

Aries: red

The perfect color for Aries is red, the color of passion and energy. Aries is hyperactive and tireless, no wonder its element is fire. This sign full of life besides being active and adventurous is also very impulsive. Red is also the color associated with power and violence.

Taurus: green

The stars have chosen to associate the color green with Taurus. This color recalls nature, harmony. Green is a reassuring color. The Taurus always needs to feel safe, protected. Furthermore, green is the color of hope and is perfectly suited to this philosophical sign. The Taurus could not live with too bright and bright colors that poorly match his conformist personality.

Gemini: silver and gray

The sign of Gemini is governed by the color gray or rather by silver, the color of money. The reason is simple, this sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, the god of merchants. The silver color is the symbol of trade. Let’s not forget that Gemini is a sign characterized by a constant duality, which is why it would be wrong to associate only one color with this sign. Gemini is an expansive, joyful, and sociable sign, the orange fully reflects these characteristics.

Cancer: white

For this pure and simple sign, white is the perfect color. White is also the color of motherhood, associated with breast milk. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is also white. This sign shows a strong attachment to his family, continually seeks security and stability.

Leo: yellow

Leo shines like the sun. Its ideal color could only be yellow. It is a sign that stands out and is appreciated, it is eccentric and successful. This sign feels comfortable with the color of light and royalty. Yellow is also the color of gold, the metal that shines the most. Leo is a sign that is often referred to as a materialist!

Virgo: blue

The sign of Virgo loves blue, the color of the sea and the sky of the horizons, and serenity. This color and all its shades reassure Virgo, who always needs to establish her balance. Blue is the color that suits people who are calm, available, and generous, characteristics that fully belong to them.

Libra: sky blue

Libra can only prefer the color of harmony and balance. This sign is a peacemaker and an executioner. The color of the sky is the shade of blue that suits him best because it is the color of softness and delicacy.

Scorpio: Black

Scorpio is the most mysterious sign of the zodiac for this reason it is associated with the color black. Black is not a well-defined color and is obtained by mixing all the colors. This perfectly describes Scorpio, a sign that encompasses multiple personalities, indomitable and complicated to understand. Black is also the color of depth and darkness.

Sagittarius: Purple

Purple is a color linked to spirit and spirituality. This sign loves to travel and discover new cultures, new horizons that can quench their craving for knowledge. Purple is also the color that is associated with what is extreme, it is a color that is obtained by mixing blue and red, that is harmony and wisdom that is combined with energy and passion.

Capricorn: brown

Capricorn is associated with neutral and dark colors such as brown, the color of the earth. Capricorn is rooted in the earth, always has its feet firmly on the earth. He has a conformist and conventional personality, his sense of duty and responsibility belongs to this sign more than to all the others. Brown is a color that reassures and protects, and this sign takes a long time to open up to others and to grant trust.

Aquarius: midnight blue

For Aquarius, which is the most extroverted sign of the horoscope, the perfect color is dark blue. This is the color that is furthest away from all the other colors of the earth. Aquarius is a one-of-a-kind sign. The color that evokes the immensity of the sky at night or the depths of the abyss is perfect to give the idea of ​​the spatiality of this sign and its overflowing imagination. This sign is atypical and is attracted to anything out of the ordinary.

Pisces: turquoise

Turquoise is neither blue nor green! This color reflects the poetic spirit of Pisce’s dreams. This sign thrives on imagination, it is hypersensitive and lets itself be governed by its emotions. Purple also fits this sign as it evokes creativity and spirituality, peculiar characteristics of Pisces. Two notions that this sign of the Zodiac knows perfectly.

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