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Women of these 4 signs are often single and they are single for a specific reason. The stars reveal all their secrets to us.

Being in a couple or being single is often a choice behind which there are several factors. Some women after having collected negative experiences and disappointments in love decide to remain alone convinced that the chances of finding the man they deserve are really too low.

These women are not satisfied and want either all or nothing. They prefer to be alone rather than being with someone who does not meet the highest of their expectations, or they simply prefer the single life because it is more comfortable, requires few implications and little commitment compared to a life as a couple.

Women of these signs prefer to remain single

The dream of all women is not to get married and start a family. For some women, family and marriage is a milestone while for others it seems more like a sacrifice. The stars reveal who are the 4 zodiac signs of women who love the single life and hardly give it up.

Coexistence, deep intimacy, sharing everything are concepts that these women do not fully understand. Extremely independent and linked to their freedom, there are women who see marriage more as a bond than as a dream come true and if you are part of these 4 signs maybe it is the same for you too.


Libra women are extremely charming and very much courted. Despite the endless odds they have of finding a husband, they often prefer to stay single. Celibacy does not worry them at all, quite the contrary. Always looking for balance in their ways, they fear that finding it in the life of a couple is particularly complicated. Sometimes they question themselves and give in to love but they never take too long steps and never go too far. She has too high standards and the kind of prince the Gemini woman seeks is too rare.


Sagittarius women also particularly care about their independence. This woman, more than giving priority to life as a couple, gives priority to life in general. She doesn’t want to give up on doing everything that makes her feel good: travels, adventures, new encounters are the spice of her life for her who is so curious and fascinated by everything that her life could offer her. Marriage implies having to accept a routine that the Sagittarius woman cannot tolerate.


Capricorn women are very ambitious, their work and career are their priority. A wedding implies an effort, it is a project in which a lot is invested and takes away time and resources from one’s personal fulfillment.


The Gemini woman is very dynamic and particularly reluctant to any form of commitment, especially those for life. Usually they love intensely and make a lot of promises but then they disappear. They are afraid of getting tired of forever and wanting to have new experiences. Married life is not for them, too many responsibilities, better to be alone.

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