The stars reveal who is the most mysterious sign in the whole zodiac. Among all the zodiac signs he is known for his mysteriousness.

He talks little about himself, he listens more than opens up, he is introverted and all this is due to the fact that he does not have much faith in others. Suspicious and very cautious, for him to trust is good and not to trust is better. Among the twelve signs of the Zodiac he is very well known precisely for his mysterious side of him.

He is certainly not a guy who reveals all his personal facts to everyone, first he must feel that he can trust him blindly. Everyone defines it as mysterious and impenetrable, do you understand who we are talking about?

Scorpio is the most mysterious sign of all

Scorpio is the most enigmatic sign of the zodiac, you will find it hard to understand it fully and you will never know where it wants to go. The inquiring gaze of him, the many questions and the veil of reserve and silence that he pulls out when he is asked about his private life, show a contradictory and suspicious personality . This sign cultivates the mystery not by choice, it loves by necessity, it is animated by mistrust and suspicion in the human race.

Ruled by Mars, the planet of strength and aggression, and by Pluto which in mythology is the planet of the underworld, Scorpio is a combative and tenacious sign , when it wants something it fears no rivals. His element is water which makes him intuitive, sensitive and empathetic, which makes him a great confidant. Will he also be one of the signs who can keep a secret? Find out who are the signs that will never betray your confidence. In love it is among the most passionate signs.

Not only does the Scorpio have the peculiarity of being introverted and reluctant to express his feelings, so is the AQUARIUS.

Generally, natives of this sign do not reveal their emotions easily. It is a sui generis sign, very particular, enigmatic, independent and original, it prefers to keep thoughts and emotions for itself. Usually it analyzes, observes, but does not spark. You never understand what is really going through his head. What is certain is that we must never interfere with the freedom of this sign which does not admit of any kind of constraints and impositions.


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