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The ancient Egyptians first created star paintings from the 3rd millennium BC These then morphed into a 12 character zodiac between 300 and 30 BC

The Egyptian zodiac was inspired by the Babylonians and the ancient Greeks, but it kept its focus on its cycle. While Western astrology has a sign for every 30 days, Egyptian astrology follows a different path.

Some signs appear two to four times in a single year. Read on to learn more about the Egyptian gods and how they affect each zodiac sign. Using your zodiac sign can give you a good idea of ​​your personality.

You won’t believe what the science of numerology can reveal about you! That’s right, the numerology of your date of birth, regardless of the month of birth, can reveal surprising information about your personality.

1. Nile:

Dates: from 1st to 7th January; June 19-28; 1 to 7 September; November 18-26.

Interestingly, the first sign is not a god but rather the Nile itself. Without annual floods, there could be no life.

People born around this time are affectionate and loving and have a relaxed personalities.

These individuals usually have a mild temperament that blends well with their observant nature. However, their passions can become uncontrollable and lead to unpredictable mood swings.

2. Amun-Ra:

Dates: January 8-21; From 1 to 11 February. Amun-Ra is the ruler of the gods, overseeing the sun, the universe, and all beings contained within it.

People born during this period have inherent leadership qualities. They are naturally curious and optimistic and have strong opinions on all aspects of life.

These people have a deeply humanitarian nature that flourishes in generosity. Sometimes, however, their stubbornness and ego can be harmful to them.

3. Mut:

Dates: from 22 to 31 January; 8-22 September. Mut is the Divine Mother, providing a nurturing and protective nature. People born around this time have intense loyalty that can take some time to develop.

They can be wonderful parents and are successful as teachers, nurses, and other supportive roles.

Their loss lies in their deep emotions, which can make them vulnerable.

4. Geb:

Dates: from 12 to 29 February; From 20 August to 31 August.

Geb is the god of the Earth, who connects the earth to the sky. People born in this period are sensitive and intuitive.

They have great compassion for the earth and the community and constantly monitor their emotions and those of others.

This sensitivity can lead people to take advantage of the proposed thoughts and actions.

5. Osiris:

Dates: from 1st to 10th March; From November 27th to December 18th.

Osiris is the god of rebirth and the underworld.

People born during this time can be both charismatic and vulnerable. They have a lot of passion for new projects and their leadership and intelligence bring them.

At the same time, their temperament can get carried away and lead to frustration and impatience. These people don’t always resist criticism and can freeze under pressure.

6. Isis:

Dates: from 11 to 31 March; October 18-29; December 19-31.

Isis is the goddess of medicine, magic, and marriage.

People born around this time have honest personalities. They are energetic and honest, with strong confidence. These individuals expect a lot from themselves and others and are sometimes misunderstood. This misunderstanding can cause painful feelings until others become familiar with the truth.

7. Thoth:

Dates: from 1st to 19th April; November 8-17. Thoth is the god of communication, wisdom, and the moon. People born in this period have strong creativity.

They are full of ideas, experiences, and lessons, making them natural teachers. These people are good at maintaining relationships and are extremely loyal.

Their downfall is the inability to let go once they are betrayed.

8. Horus:

Dates: from April 20 to May 7; 12-19 August.

Horus is the god of the sky to protect Egypt and the king. People born in this period are hardworking and confident.

Possessing a caring and community-oriented nature, they are passionate about changes that improve the common good. Their stubbornness can sometimes go against them, causing inflexibility and jealousy.

9. Anubis:

Dates: from 8 to 27 May; From 29 June to 13 July. Anubis is the guardian of hell, helping people go from life to death.

People born around this time are creative, tolerant, and compassionate. They see the good and the bad in life and work hard to understand others.

At the same time, their introspective nature can make them gloomy and prone to emotional changes.

10. Seth:

Dates: from May 28 to June 18; From 28 September to 2 October. Seth is the god of chaos, metamorphosis, and the desert.

People born during this period are best described as lifelong soul seekers. They seek adventure and change, always looking for what makes them happiest.

They are dreamers, but they are also perfectionists. Both of these characteristics can create tension until they find their ideal place.

11. Bastet:

Dates: from 14 to 28 July; 23-27 September; From 3 to 17 October. Bastet is the warrior goddess of fertility, women, and protection against evil.

People born in this period are looking for a peaceful and balanced life. They are attracted to pleasure, preferring things that bring joy rather than frustration.

These people are very loyal and work hard to protect others.

12. Sekhmet:

Dates: from 29 July to 11 August; From 30 October to 7 November. Sekhmet is the goddess of war, healing, and the sun.

People born in this period are perfectionists who see the world in black and white. They are self-disciplined and have good leadership skills, but they also have realistic and practical personalities.

These people can sometimes have a small ego, which can cause tension.

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