Find out how possessive you are based on your zodiac sign. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

In human relationships, different aspects of people emerge that can be more or less evident and that in some cases can bring benefits while in others they can be deleterious. Among these, one of the best known is being possessive. Whether it’s friendship or love relationships, those who are possessive always keep controlling the people they surround themselves with, almost demanding a first-rate role and without whom they cannot live the relationship. Whether it is insecurity, jealousy, or control mania, those who are possessive tend to take the relationships they live to extreme levels, risking compromising them. Working on this aspect is therefore always very useful.

To do this, however, it is important to be able to recognize whether or not you are a possessive person. Which not everyone succeeds in. Today, therefore, after seeing which zodiac signs are ready to express themselves and what is the lie we tell ourselves based on our zodiac sign, we will find out how possessive we are and how to try to improve the situation. An aspect that touches us deeply and for which, consequently, it is advisable to also check the profile of one’s ascendant. This will make it easier to understand what drives us to be possessive and how to work best on ourselves.

How possessive are you? The answer based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Not possessive at all
You can say anything about yourself except that you are a possessive person. Of course, when you care about someone you always try to be at the center of their thoughts and you certainly hate not feeling involved. But when it comes to being possessive in the truest sense of the word, you certainly don’t fall into the category of the most involved signs. Whether it is friendship or romantic relationships, you are one of those who need maximum freedom and, consequently, you tend to give it, even if only to be able to enjoy your own spaces in which to do what you prefer. At times, however, you tend to be jealous, especially if you fear that someone is disrespecting you. Something that in some ways can be confused with being possessive, creating confusion in those around you.

To be safe in relationships with others, therefore, the ideal thing is to always speak clearly, so as not to confuse anyone’s ideas and to let them understand immediately who you are.

Taurus – Extremely possessive
Among the signs of the zodiac, as a native of Taurus, you are certainly one of the most possessive people ever. When you bond with someone you tend to become suspicious and all because, more than anything else, you strongly fear you could be betrayed and hurt. In order not to run the risk of running into bitter disappointments, you end up keeping relatives, friends, and any partners under control. All in a way that can sometimes be exasperating leading others to want to get away or mistake it for jealousy. The only way to fix things is therefore to work on yourself and your fears and everything to be able to live first in a more relaxed way. In this way, you will be able to see things differently and also accept the risk of any shortcomings because, first of all, you will have worked on your emotions,

Gemini – Almost not possessive at all
While being in control of those around you and knowing what the people you love are doing is something you wouldn’t mind at all, your disposition leads you to act completely differently. More than ever in need of your space and so expansive as to arouse the jealousy of others, you are not a person able to keep track of all the actions of those around you and this leads you to leave your loved ones rather free to act as they prefer. Of course, if you happen to be suspicious, things can change quite a lot, prompting you to show a completely different part of yourself. But this happens rarely and only when you have any idea that you are right. Any advice? Always try to analyze thoroughly if your suspicions are real or the result of insecurities of the moment and before becoming possessive try other approaches.

Cancer – Very possessive
Your basic insecurity pushes you to be an extremely possessive person, and when you are, you don’t mince words. Whether it’s friendships, family relationships, or interpersonal relationships, what matters most to you is knowing that you are loved and appreciated and that you are the only one in your way. The mere thought of being second to someone creates such anxieties as to push you to express your need in even extreme ways and which can often lead to results opposite to those you desire. To improve things it is therefore important to work first on your insecurities and try to externalize them to the people you love the most. In this way, any exaggerated attitudes can be understood more easily, leading to dialogue instead of a clash and reassuring you enough to be able to improve, little by little, this your way of being. A choice that, first of all, will make you feel good.

Leo – Extremely Possessive
As a Leo native, you are someone who has a constant need to be the center of attention. This leads you to check others to understand how much they are interested in you and how much they are willing to listen to you and be around you. You are therefore one of the most possessive signs of the zodiac. And yours is a form of possessiveness in no uncertain terms. If you feel that you are not considered as much as you think right, in fact, you do not have any kind of problem, expecting a different attitude. A way of doing that, in the long run, can tire even the most trusted friends and that could push any partner to run away.

To improve things, you should find a slightly less despot attitude and learn to give yourself at least half as much as you expect others to do. Furthermore, as it should be, you should also leave a minimum of freedom. Which could even lead others to remember why they chose to be next to you, leading them to get closer and all without your intervention. Convenient, isn’t it?

Virgo – Not so possessive
Even if you often experience moments of insecurity that make you want others to show themselves as close as possible, you are not someone who tends to show it. Indeed, in life, you always try to let those around you free. And this is because you don’t like to weigh on others, just as you would like them not to do it to you. Among the zodiac signs you are therefore among the least possessive there are and this even if your mania for control, which you tend to express in other ways, could sometimes be confused with this. Any advice? Sometimes, showing your love and need for others can be a way to improve relationships with others. And this is because too much detachment can lead you to think that you do not need for those around you. Learn a good middle ground then

Libra – Nonpossessive
You can say anything about yourself except that you are a possessive person. Always surrounded by many people, over time, you have learned to give the right space to others without ever having to worry about controlling them or expecting something more. When it comes to possessiveness, you are more easily a victim of that of others than the protagonist. And this is an aspect that those who hang out with you know well. In interpersonal relationships you always know how to manage things, resulting in flexibility, relaxation, and always being ready for dialogue. Not at all inclined to control, you let others live as they see fit and you appreciate the moments when they seek you as well as those when they engage in other ways.

A way of being that makes you a super requested person and able to convey that sense of relaxation that makes friends with you something that many desire. Which, of course, turns out to be equally important in love too.

Scorpio – Possessive
As a native of Scorpio, you are a person who always needs to have control over everything and this, of course, is also reflected in the relationship with others. Whether it’s love or friendship, you can’t help but control how others act, giving your say when you don’t like something. Fortunately, you also know how to manage your way of being, knowing when to stop. However, the same cannot be said of your emotions which tend to turn negative and which can sometimes be so strong that they even push you to distance yourself from others. Greater dialogue and the desire to resize your way of being also on an emotional level could make the difference, leading you to have better and more satisfying relationships first of all for yourself.

Sagittarius – Not too possessive
Being a person who has among his priorities to feel free, you tend not to be a possessive person or, at least, not to show yourself as such. In reality, your need to control things (and people), coupled with the desire to be the center of attention, leads you to be quite inclined to be possessive. Of course, among the signs of the zodiac, you are not among those that are more. However, the fact remains that you are certainly someone who can create tension when you believe that others are behaving in the wrong way. This is also partly linked to your often being jealous, especially of those you care about. For this reason, you should first of all learn to exercise greater control over yourself in order not to complicate the relationships you have with others.

Capricorn – More Possessive Than
You Appear Although you go out of your way to show yourself above certain emotions, being possessive is one of the things you just can’t do without. This partly depends on your need to always have everything under control. And partly from the need to know that the people you care about have the same thoughts about you. For this reason, even if you try hard not to show it, you tend to keep an eye on every small change and act accordingly. An attitude that often ends up creating tensions that could be avoided with a little more sincerity.

The advice, therefore, is to be more direct and to leave room for words even before acting. In this way, important relationships will not run the risk of being misunderstood and your life will certainly be more peaceful.

Aquarius – Possessive in Your Way You
are usually a person who loves tranquility. This leads you not to obsessively control others or to pretend to always be the center of attention. When someone tries to fit into what you consider your circle, however, you almost always end up experiencing it badly. And that always ends up making you appear obsessive. This is partly because you don’t like socializing with someone you don’t know and partly because you don’t like having to share your affections with others. Nonetheless, you know how to cope with this nature of yours, almost always managing to get the better of it. The secret is to work on it further to gain even more safety. And who knows that sooner or later even the new entries will not be a reason for joy for you.

Pisces – Non Possessive
You cannot be said to be a possessive person. Even if you care a lot about who you love, paying close attention to even the smallest details, you tend not to overdo it with the ways of doing things. Having said that you are a welcoming person who knows how to understand others and who therefore does not pretend to always have their constant attention. Of course, if something is missing or if someone tries to get between you and the people you love, things change. And the same can be said for your attitude.

Unless you feel the victim of conspiracies against you or unmotivated attacks, however, your attitude is certainly positive and tends to make others feel free. Especially if they are happy people you love and want to know.


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