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Here’s what kind of dad you are or would be based on your zodiac sign.

That of the father is an extremely important role that can change the destiny of the children but also of the parents themselves. Whether you are a biological or adoptive father, taking care of a child is a responsibility that changes the way we understand life and that makes it grow more than anything else in the world. The father figure, however, can also show himself outside the parental bond and this happens when he can become an important presence in the life of a young person, leading him to grow and improve in different ways. In short, it is a much more complex figure than one thinks and which should always be taken seriously.

Having said that, every man has within him a particular way of being a father that can depend on the way of being, on the experiences lived, and on many other factors including the influence of the stars. So today, after seeing what kind of mom is behind each zodiac sign and how confusing the zodiac signs are about love, we will find out what kind of dad the various signs of the zodiac are or could be.

Astrology: That’s what father you are based on your zodiac sign

Aries – The Teacher Dad
As a dad, you are certainly a reassuring figure and able to provide for your child’s well-being. Thanks to targeted advice and small life lessons you love to teach, you are also a good teacher, able to help your child as he or she grows. On the other hand, at times, you put your stubbornness in the middle which in the long run risks creating tension and friction, especially with older children. An aspect that should be changed and replaced with greater patience and with the healthy desire to let a child make the right mistakes that one day will have to deal with it alone anyway. That said, your presence is certainly helpful and comforting, and in the eyes of a child you appear like a hero to emulate.

Taurus – The Reassuring Dad
As typical of your zodiac sign, you tend to be a loving and present father. One of the things you care about most is to give the right safety and a comfortable environment in which to grow. For a child, you are a reassuring figure as well as a point of reference to approach whenever a problem arises. Now and then you tend to have too much firmness and lack of elasticity to fully understand his needs but you always know how to get out of it brilliantly by showing yourself as a solid father figure but at the same time able to show empathy and closeness.

Gemini – The playful dad
As a father, you are certainly a pleasant figure, able to make the days more alive and always give a positive vision of things. Proactive and able to look ahead, you know how to set the right rules without ever forgetting the importance of fun. Which, among other things, you know how to manage very well being you the first to need it. Fortunately, this way of leading you to be first of all a friend to your children and, immediately after, a father figure capable of transmitting a certain solidity. On this last point, however, you tend to falter from time to time. Nothing serious, however, and certainly easy to recover with the right exercise.

Cancer – The loving dad
For you, family is everything and you don’t hesitate to show it with gestures of affection that are even greater towards your children. If on the one hand, this way of doing things gives a certain serenity, on the other hand, especially if with older children, it can be a bit heavy. The constant presence tends to make children feel oppressed who by nature need to experiment continuously and to get involved even at a distance from the parental figures. A problem that sooner or later you will have to learn to manage and that once solved will lead you to be able to give much more simply by respecting those invisible boundaries but so important for the children.

Leo – The present father
As a father, you are certainly super present in the life of your children and this happens because, before anything else, you want to help them grow in the best possible way. Proud of their progress and always ready to talk to everyone about it, sometimes you can be a little too present making them feel pressured by the expectations you always show you have towards them. A more relaxed approach and not always based on a successful life could improve the relationship you have with them, making them more free and confident. Which they will be able to thank you for once they grow up.

Virgo – The demanding dad
As a dad, you tend to field what life has taught you. Which, translated from your point of view, is almost always about strict rules to follow and a way of being always square and perfect. For children, however, such an attitude can be frustrating, preventing them from growing up to their real potential. Always waiting for them to step forward or demonstrate something risks becoming a breaking point. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to show them that you value them regardless of the results and leave them free to act as they prefer, thus showing great confidence in them.

Libra – The Understanding Dad
As typical of your birth sign, as a dad, you tend to be quite understanding and this turns out to be good because it helps your children grow up more confidently. Your levels of understanding, however, sometimes tend to extend to the point that they may seem unsettled and this is not useful when more delicate moments arrive and when it is important to put your authority as a father into play. Fortunately, it is enough to find a middle way to be able to give the right understanding without losing the authority that the figure imposes, and this over time will prove to be an excellent help for the growth of self-confident children.

Scorpio – The motivator dad
As a dad, you certainly have different qualities and among these the most outstanding is that you always act as an excellent motivator. Aware of how important it is to have the self-confidence to move forward in life, you always try to find strengths for your children, helping them to overcome every little problem. It is certainly an effective way of doing it but it is important to dose in order not to do all the work for them. Occasionally, watching to find out how they behave in the face of adversity can be more helpful than showing them the way. At some point, they will have to learn to find a personal one that is only theirs and that will certainly be positively affected by all the help received in the past.

Sagittarius – The dad friend
As a dad, you are undoubtedly influenced by your way of seeing life and this leads you to try to be a good friend even before a good parent. An attitude that in some moments of life is certainly positive but that over time can prove dangerous, especially if this involves the loss of awareness about the rules and teachings to be imparted. Being friends with your children is certainly an important aspect of the well-being of the relationship. Even before that, however, it is necessary to be parents present and able to impart such rules. In the end, this attitude, even if it may seem a little uncomfortable, will certainly give its results.

Capricorn – The protective dad
As a dad you certainly have different qualities and among these are understanding, the desire to protect children from everything and everyone, and the willingness to educate them for a safer life. Being so present, however, in the long run, can lead to some problems that are best solved before they arise. A good way is to not always protect them from everything, by observing them understand how much they are capable of getting by on their own. Knowing that you still have a dad behind you ready to come to their aid will be enough to make them confident children and the safety net around them. If this is combined with the many things he has been taught over time, there will almost certainly be nothing to worry about.

Aquarius – The detached dad
Your nature also tends to influence your way of being a dad, often leading you to be more detached than you think. For the children, however, the father figure must be present and able to show them the right way to follow. It is a necessary and formative path for them, without which they would risk having problems in the future. Although it may seem distorting to you, you will therefore have to show yourself more active in your role as a parent, finding the right balance between a dad who is a friend and a dad who can enforce the rules. As strange as it may seem to you, it will be a good way for you to grow too.

Pisces – The permissive dad
Your way of being a dad reflects who you are and how you understand life. For this reason, your children will therefore have a good example of kindness and seriousness to stick to as they grow up. Every so often, however, you’re always wanting to understand others leads you to be a little too permissive. Something that children can come to take advantage of. You don’t need to change your way of being a father. However, it would be necessary to add a little more authority to push the children to follow the rules and grow harmoniously but with the awareness of having at their side not only a friend but also a father able to show them the way.

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