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We know it sounds strange to say that, yet there are zodiac signs that are unforgiving if you forget their birthday. Better to know immediately who they are (and even when they were born!).

Maybe this has never happened to you, or maybe you have a lot of friends who do this. Perhaps again, you are the one who puts this attitude into action when your birthday approaches.
What are we talking about? But of all the people they hate if you forget their birthday!
Let’s find out what are the zodiac signs that could raise the greeting for this “crime”: are you among them too?

The zodiac signs that do not forgive if you forget the birthday: here is the ranking

How many times have you been angry, to the extent possible, because someone forgot to wish you a birthday?

Let’s understand: there are people who live their birthday with a lot of anxiety and agitation. They want a perfect party, the best wishes from everyone they know, and even documentation of all on social media. There are people who, on the other hand, cannot really talk about their birthday and prefer not to celebrate it, hiding it from everyone.

Who knows which of the two personalities described above is in the ranking of the zodiac signs that do not forgive if you forget their birthday!
Are you ready to discover this very special horoscope ranking? (And, of course, to mark the birthdays of friends who were born under these signs ?).

Libra: fifth place

But how, the very kind born under the sign of Libra are among the zodiac signs that do not forgive if you forget their birthday ?

The answer, of course, is yes. Even if they don’t show it much, those born under the sign of Libra give great weight to their birthday and expect surprise parties, fantastic gifts, and a massive participation by all the people they know in greetings and meetings to celebrate. .
They may not tell you, but they tie it to your finger if you forget their birthday!

Aquarius: fourth place

Even for Aquarius , birthday is a very important moment in their lives.
Those born under this sign, in fact, do not hesitate to give all of themselves for others.

That’s why, especially on his birthday, Aquarians expect others to give all of themselves (or almost) for them!
Even just a note or a well-written message would be enough to prevent the Aquarius from getting tied to the fact that you have totally forgotten their birthday !

Taurus: third place

For those born under the sign of Taurus , birthday is truly something incredibly important.
Although Taurus are people who struggle to find their own interests and their own path for them the birthday is sacred.

The Taurus spend months planning the event, always creating a party that has a theme or that needs to be attended by lots of people .
Dinners, aperitifs, events where you can go dancing or a house party organized with games and a giant cake: if you don’t go to their birthday, the Taurus will never forgive you!

Virgo: second place

For those born under the sign of Virgo , birthday is genuinely something very important.
Not only because the Virgin lives the passage of time very badly (which she associates with a thinning of possibilities and fun) but also because everything in the life of the Virgin must be perfect.

Let alone your birthday ! _ An event planned down to the last detail cannot suffer from defections or, worse, from people who forget to celebrate in the way that Virgo has indicated to them. This is to tell you that, if one day you forget to congratulate the Virgin , you can be sure that she will never forgive you. Man (or woman) warned …

Aries: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that do not forgive if you forget your birthday

For those born under the sign of Aries , one’s birthday is something very important, an unmissable event.
That’s why, often, their birthday is something they care more about than any other moment in their life!

If an Aries has invited you to their birthday and you don’t go or forget to wish them well, get ready for flames and storms.
For Aries , in fact, this is a sacred moment in which they can truly touch their vulnerability and their fears.
In short, you have understood it: avoid forgetting the birthday of that Aries you know. He will be very bad and will never forgive you!

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