Zodiac Signs

What Each Zodiac Lies About The Most In July


You lie about whether or not you’re fine. You pretend everything is okay even when you’re dying inside.


You lie about why you can’t make it to parties and work functions. You make up excuses so you can stay home alone.


You lie about your past. You don’t want people judging you because of things you did when you were young and dumb.


You lie about loving haircuts and outfits. You stretch the truth to protect your friends and family’s feelings.


You lie about your crushes. You keep your cards close to your chest because you don’t want to get hurt.


You lie about your experiences. You pretend to know much more than you actually do to get ahead.


You lie about your mental health. You act like you only have a headache or stomachache instead of admitting to deeper problems.


You lie about your confidence. You act like nothing bothers you when you’re secretly sensitive.


You lie about your weekends. You act like you had more fun than you actually did so no one worries about you.


You lie about your schedule. You act like you’re swamped with work to get out of hangout sessions.


You lie about your financial situation. You act like you’re doing well so no one worries about you or pities you.


You lie about your love life. You pretend you’re happy so you don’t get unwanted advice.

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