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What Does It Mean if You Have the Ascendant in the Sign Aries

You are more than your zodiac sign! There are 9 planets and 12 houses in a typical birth chart. And while your sun sign is the equivalent of the zodiac, your ascendant represents another aspect of your personality.

The Moon sign represents how you express your emotions and connect with others, and the Sun sign is the core of who you are, but the ascendant is the mask you present to others and the first impression you make when meeting people for the first time.

Your Ascendant is located in the specific zodiac sign that was positioned on the eastern horizon at the exact moment of birth. While the Sun sign depends on the date of birth, the ascendant depends on the time of birth.

To determine your Ascendant, you must know your exact time of birth. Fortunately, you can easily find it using this free calculator.

What does it mean if you have the ascendant in the sign Aries

Aries is a fire sign, so if you have this zodiac sign as ascendant, your attitude, appearance, and first impression are… hot. You can be passionate, bold, and sometimes even overwhelming.

Since the ruling planet of Aries is Mars, these natives take their ambition to the maximum to win.

They are constantly fired up.

Aries is also a cardinal sign, which means it likes to take action. His instinct is to act before thinking. Although he may seem cold, Aries is the one who brings energy and enthusiasm to every event.

Natives with an Aries ascendant do well in public service positions due to their native authority, such as police officers or teachers. They are stable at work, with strong critical thinking skills and a work ethic that allows them to thrive.

Also, they are competitive, but for the most part, they put pressure on themselves. They see themselves as winners, and when they lose it’s the third world war.

Although people with the ascendant in the Aries sign can be impulsive and impatient, they are brave and always ready for a challenge. Thanks to this dynamic, they are most compatible with the other fire ascendants, Leo and Sagittarius, but also with air signs, such as Gemini or Libra.

These people understand the power and don’t hesitate to jump into the unknown.

This sign knows that taking risks is a direct way to level up, both in your professional life and in your love life.

Celebrities with Aries ascendant: Bette Midler, Shakira, Chris Rock, Jeff Bezos, Jeremy Renner, Morgan Freeman.

  • What are your personality traits if you have an Aries ascendant


Aries ascendant natives have constant energy and that’s because they always yearn for action. They always have to be doing something and hate to be idle even for a moment.

The worst thing for them is to get bored because when that happens, prepare for the end of the world.


Aries ascendant people don’t rely on anyone but themselves. They hate asking for help and can end up failing because of it, which is one of their biggest negative traits.

However, they are strong, and resilient and can handle whatever challenges life has in store for them.


People with the ascendant in this sign are the life of the party. They are lively, and enthusiastic and set the tone for any event or conversation they are a part of.


People whose ascendant is in the sign of Aries do not hide around the truth. They can be adamant about this, perhaps even to the point of being seen as aggressive. However, they are more focused on winning than what people think of them.

They have no filter and call a spade a spade.


Aries ascendant people act decisively, so they never waste time being indecisive.

They make decisions quickly, sometimes without thinking them through, and then put them into action.


Since Aries is ruled by Mars and is also a fire sign, people who have the ascendant in this sign need to win.

They are competitive, to say the least, but mostly with themselves.


People with an Aries ascendant are brave and not afraid to leap forward into the unknown. They take risks frequently, which is why they are considered great leaders.


Those who have the ascendant in the sign Aries are very ambitious. They always work to achieve their dreams and will not stop until their goals are met.

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