How many times have you been asked what your favorite color is? You probably already have an answer or you are one of those people who vary color according to the situation, so that you have a favorite for clothing, one for accessories, and so on. Believe it or not, regardless of your personal preferences (which you will likely find to match), each zodiac sign has a color that represents it better than others, that aligns with its temperament and is more suited than others to bring harmony. in his life. Today, we will find out together which color suits you best. You will find that the color gradation somehow follows the zodiac wheel embracing the range of the main hues.

Aries – the bright red
Red is, without a doubt, your color, so much so that it is probably also one of your favorites. His life force matches well with yours and in some ways tends to turn you on more. In clothing, wearing something in this color, especially in bright shades, makes you feel stronger. In short, yours is a burning flame that never goes out and which obviously is red.

Taurus – brown
Your being deeply anchored in traditions and dedicated to the pleasures of life such as, for example, good food, make you a person who matches the colors of the earth well. For you, shades ranging from orange to red, passing through brown which, to all intents and purposes, are among all the colors that best represent you and which, inserted in everyday life, give you more harmony and pleasant sensations.

Gemini – orange
The color that suits you best is orange, not only because it contains the fusion of two colors, which well represents your multifaceted personality but because it is a vital color that goes well with yours. hunger for life and ever new experiences. Similarly orange is a color that represents something that is contained. Next to red is a more sedate version, just like the calmness that those born under your zodiac sign aspire to and are constantly struggling between the desire for change and the need to find their own place in the world.

Cancer – soft pink
Which color suits your romantic sign more than pink? Maybe it will seem a bit obvious but with its warm and at the same time soothing shades, this is the right color for you. Perhaps you are already used to using it in clothing or to furnish your home, as you are aware of the calming effect it has on you. If not, the advice is to start considering it and to insert it as soon as possible in the range of your usual colors. The pleasure you will experience wearing it or just observing it will confirm that you have made the right choice. The pink that suits you best is the blush color, but it’s also okay to decline it in its many shades.

Leo – yellow
Yellow and orange are your predominant colors. Just like a lion with its mane, you too tend to surround yourself with these colors, which in accessories can border on gold. Your being always energetic and vital goes well with the color of the sun and helps you more to get noticed, which is never a problem for you. In your case, this color works best when worn but also some objects between yellow and orange scattered around the house can help you, if you need it, to ignite you with new energy.

Virgo – lemon yellow
For you too, yellow is the most suitable color, unlike the other zodiac signs, however, for you there is a very specific shade which is that of lemon yellow. This color goes well with your way of being, your constant precision and the propensity for judgment and criticism. A color that you can surround yourself with without ever getting tired and that, on the contrary, gives you more energy just by looking at it. It can also be used for clothing as long as it is mixed with other darker colors.

Libra – the bright green
Your innate elegance and the desire to surround yourself with all that is beautiful leads you to be suitable for bright green, a color that in jewels is well represented by the emerald and that just like the latter is able to make you shine while also bringing you joy and serenity. For your way of being, the way to use it can be in the form of jewelry, accessories or shades inserted here and there in the home decor. A touch of light that does not hurt and that in your eyes is like a halo of magic able to give you serenity.

Scorpio – the light green
Whether it’s teal or apple green, this is the color that undoubtedly represents you the most. Just seeing it gives you serenity and calms your perennially tormented soul. Perfect for clothing, it suits you in particular for accessories but also at home it is always better to have references to your color. After all, if something gives serenity it is always better to abound, right?

Sagittarius – light blue
For you, the most suitable color is undoubtedly light blue. Observing the sky or the sea when it is calm and peaceful manages to give you a sense of tranquility without affecting your perennial need for freedom that goes well with the colors of the sea and sky, which have always been symbols of independence and freedom. The choice of light blue should be recurrent and clearly visible both in your home and among the things you usually surround yourself with. In fact, his tonality helps you to feel that sense of calm that you aspire to so much but without the sense of oppression that you tend to associate with tranquility.

Capricorn – blue and blue
For you there are two colors that are well suited to your way of being and that you probably already wear or you can find among the things at home. If blue gives you peace and serenity, blue is a comfortable color for you, in which to take refuge in your moments of despair. For you blue is home and for this reason having different furnishing objects of this color can only give you well-being. In the same way, the clothing also adapts well to your style, in the light version for spring and summer and in the darker one for winter.

Aquarius – midnight blue
This color suits you perfectly and reflects your intellectual personality. If your being practical leads you to not pay much attention to the colors to use in clothing, having everyday accessories that point to this color can bring you peace and serenity. Green light therefore to bags, phones, key rings and even the car in the colors of blue but also in its lighter versions, to the point of touching those of purple which, somehow, seem to embrace some sides of your character.

Pisces – blue and violet
Blue is in many cases your favorite color and if it isn’t yet, maybe it’s because you’ve never paid particular attention to it. Observing it and surrounding yourself, in fact, helps to give you peace and to relax you from the many thoughts that often attack your mind. For your artistic side, however, it is better to reach out towards the violet that opens your perceptions, making you more receptive and clearly reviving your creativity.


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