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What Are the Most Whiny Zodiac Signs of the Horoscope

You or the man you love can be found on the list of the whiny zodiac signs.

However, even though they are said to be the whiniest signs of the horoscope, that doesn’t mean you have to run away from them. And, of course, it is not advisable to play their game and let them victimize themselves until they bring you to exhaustion.

There is a balance, and if you come to understand why they end up with this type of behavior, it will be easy for you to stay close to them when, leaving the drama aside, maybe they need it the most. You can draw their attention when you feel they have exceeded the limit, but avoid doing it in public, in front of everyone. This will only make them even angrier.



Aries natives are crazy about having everything under control, and when nothing goes their way, they will make a bad scene. They cry like a baby until everything happens the way they want. They are very stubborn and cannot be appeased easily.


Gemini simply cannot accept their mistakes, and their dual personality does not help them at all in this regard. I love the self-pity and all the crying drama that follows. Geminis are attention seekers, but as soon as they have your attention, they calm down and take care of their own.


Virgo criticizes almost every person they meet in one way or another. The natives of this sign are similar to those angry babies who cry often and whine out of habit. They can drown you in their tears. Virgos love attention, but only on their terms.


Libra natives play the “pity game” very well. You know those plants you can’t touch? So are they. Libra will scream like a child if things don’t go according to plan. Moreover, sometimes they can be passive-aggressive and are excellent at creating drama if you disagree with them. It is interesting that their tears sometimes spring from goodness.


They seem quiet and seem to like social distancing, but the truth is that Pisces natives hate being alone. They will not react immediately if they are left out of a plan, but later they may be caught crying. And they don’t do this because they want attention, but because that’s how they are built. Leave them alone until they recover, maybe you can send them a surprise to show them that they are not alone.

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