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These zodiac signs are not very close and represent the three worst pairs of the zodiac. Do you think your sign is there too?

When a couple is close, there is always a special feeling , a particularly strong collaboration. Two people who get along don’t need to communicate in order to understand each other. On the contrary, there are people who could never get along and who it is better to keep away from each other, to avoid unnecessary quarrels or gratuitous controversies.

The character of two people could be decisive for understanding their affinities but there is also another parameter that can help us: the zodiac sign they belong to . There are zodiac signs that get along very well with each other and others who hate each other. Today we will discover the worst couples of the zodiac . Here are the top three in the ranking, let’s find out together if there is also your sign.

The three worst couples of the zodiac

Virgo and Aquarius : in third place in the ranking we find the signs of Virgo and Aquarius. The first is cold and not very interested in the others, the second is the exact opposite. It’s true that opposites attract but let’s not overdo it. Aquarius doesn’t get along with everyone and you don’t have to force certain situations. These two signs of the zodiac are too different to get along. They would end up separating after a few minutes, it would be a useless experiment.

Gemini and Capricorn : in second place in the ranking are Gemini and Capricorn. Again, the character difference is too great to hope for mediation. Gemini are very emotional, those who belong to Capricorn are cold and detached. There is no communication between these two signs and then the Gemini would never be able to accept compromises with people they do not value . An impossible couple.

Pisces and Sagittarius : the worst couple of the zodiac is the one formed by Pisces and Sagittarius. Even if you don’t think so, these two zodiac signs would never be able to get along. They have nothing in common, they would fight all the time. This couple could never work. Those born under the sign of Pisces tend to be kind to others but there is a limit to everything. The same goes for Sagittarius. These two signs quarrel because they can’t stand secrets and lies, they can’t forgive omissions. Better to keep Pisces and Sagittarius away, this pair would break out in a tenth of a second.

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