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Weekend Horoscope For September 2-3, 2023: Good News For Leos, Sagittarius, And Pisces

The first days of autumn are here and the planets have a harsh beneficial influence on the signs.

Weekend horoscope: September 2 and 3, 2023 are the last days when Venus will be retrograde, following that from Monday it will return to normal in the Taurus sign. Also at the end of this week, Jupiter is preparing to go retrograde, also in Taurus, from September 4.

In the last few days, we have enjoyed a blue supermoon in the sign of Pisces, which extends its beneficial effects on the signs this weekend as well. We enjoy good energy and, in general, good news from astrologers. Let’s see what this horoscope for the weekend of September 2-3, 2023 has in store for each zodiac sign!


The weekend brings opportunities for fun and adventure. Go outdoors, organize a trip, or at least a walk in nature. It is also a good period for socializing because your good energy will attract people around you. You can reconnect with old friends.


The weekend is dedicated to relaxation and personal care. Give yourself time to do the things that make you happy and that charge your batteries. Order some good food and have a spa day at your home. Take care of your body, but also your soul, listening to music or reading a good book. As much as possible, this weekend is good to spend in solitude and introspection.


It’s a great weekend to socialize and connect with people. Invite your friends to a dinner in town or you can organize a small party at home. You are the center of attention due to your natural charm, so take advantage of this to weld relationships. If you had small conflicts with your life partner, now is the time to discuss them and fix them together.


The weekend brings a need for peace and rest. Spend time at home, with your family or loved ones. Renovation, remodeling, and, in general, any modification to the home are favored. Don’t forget to charge your batteries and give yourself enough time to relax.


You are extremely creative this weekend and you can show this to the whole world. Participate in a course or a presentation where you can stand out. Organize an evening with friends and family where you are the one who takes care of the activities you do together. Also, things with the life partner are very good. If you have romantic plans, this is the time to put them into practice.


The weekend is suitable for planning and organizing. Make a list of things to do and find effective ways to organize your time. Now is the time for planning and you can write down in your diary all the things you want to do this fall. The beginning of September charges you with energy and you are extremely active. You can also do sports activities.


It is a good weekend to focus on relationships and interpersonal connections. Organize a romantic dinner or spend time with close friends. Be open to new acquaintances and collaborations that can bring you opportunities in the next period.


The weekend brings a need for introspection and reflection. Take advantage of these two days when you still benefit from the energy of the full moon to rediscover yourself, perhaps through meditation or writing in a journal. Avoid conflicts and confrontations in these two days. It would be recommended to spend as much time as possible alone.


The weekend is suitable for exploration and adventure. Travel to a new place or, if that’s not possible, be a tourist in your city. Spend time outdoors, perhaps with sports activities or adventures in nature. It is not the right time to lock yourself in the house. You need to discover new places and people and surround yourself with friends.


The weekend is dedicated to relaxation and personal care. Spend time at home, maybe reading or watching your favorite movies. Take care of your health and, if you neglected it recently, now is the time to prioritize it. Make plans for a healthier eating style or start exercising. This fall, it would be good to put yourself first.


It’s a socializing weekend! Participate in social events or organize meetings with loved ones. You can exchange ideas and positively inspire each other. You need feedback from those around you and you can be sure that you get the honest one. Spend time with your life partner as well, because your relationship is more flourishing than ever.


It is a suitable weekend to dedicate your time to creative and relaxing activities. Paint, write, or listen to soothing music. Reconnect with nature, perhaps by walking by the water or in a park. The blue supermoon that took place in your sign the other day opened a spiritual portal.

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