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Let’s find out the most suitable wedding dress for each zodiac sign.

It is said that May is the month of brides, so why not delve into the subject by discovering together which wedding dress is the most suitable for each zodiac sign? We have already seen several times how the stars affect our character and on certain choices such as those of the ceremony dress or the right look. After all, character often corresponds to a style of clothing that can match a person’s ways of doing and feeling, so why not try a wedding dress as well? It will be a way to dream with a different dress than usual or to help those who get inspiration if the time has really come to search for one of the most dreamed and imagined clothes ever. Needless to say, but it is always better to repeat it, that even here the ascendant can come into play. In addition to looking at the suggested dress for the zodiac sign, therefore, it is advisable to also take a look at the one corresponding to the ascendant.

A wedding dress for every zodiac sign

Aries – The short wedding dress
Dynamic, lively and always ready for action, your perfect wedding dress is the short one. Perfect to amaze those present and to make people talk about you even after years of the ceremony. To make everything more chic, the advice is to aim for a short front and a back that ends long, with a small tail. A dress to live and see from multiple angles, just like you who know how to always be different without ever really changing and who for your wedding day will want to get noticed more than ever.

Taurus – The traditional dress
For you who are a born traditionalist, the wedding dress must be classic. In tulle or with lace embroidery, low-cut but not too much and with a wide skirt that makes you feel like a princess. Probably, you’ve had the model in your head since you were a child and it has never changed since then except to embellish itself with some details. And after all, why should we change something that is considered perfect as it is?

Gemini – A colorful dress
Constantly changing and always a little over the top, you will feel your best in a dress that makes you feel free and beautiful at the same time. Obviously, a touch of originality must be added to the whole. Because, let’s face it, after years and years of seeing classic wedding dresses you are already tired of the usual models and you dream of something different, which is only yours and able to reflect your style. What is better, then, than a light and colorful dress? Mono-color will be fine if you have one you love more than all the others or a white with lots of colorful embroideries, perfect to emphasize your verve and make you unforgettable at the same time.

Cancer – The wide and lace dress
Your romantic streak becomes even more marked when it comes to wedding dresses. The dream of being a princess, after all, you have never really abandoned and on this day when you will even be the queen, the dress must absolutely reflect your dreams. For you, therefore, the right wedding dress will be in lace and with many flounces, so as to end wide and to make you feel just like a fairytale queen.

Leo – The long and sensual dress
On your wedding day you will be the undisputed and undisputed queen, ready to surprise everyone with an image different from what they expect. Your dress will therefore be long and sensual, able to highlight your shapes without being vulgar. You will have to be a combination of femininity and elegance and to do this the most suitable dress is the long one, without too many frills but with some details that can emphasize your figure. A neckline on the back, for example, might be for you. But the options are so many and you will be spoiled for choice.

Virgo – The empire-style dress
Tradition and elegance will be the basic elements of your dress, characteristics that must embrace a refined comfort that you need even on such an important day. An empire-style dress, able to enhance the figure without weighing down its movements, is therefore the ideal solution. An alternative can be a long dress with lace sleeves, not too loose but ending with some waves, to make you feel more beautiful.

Libra – The mermaid dress
Your innate elegance makes you perfect with a mermaid dress, with which you will be able to enchant those present, leaving an indelible memory. Among the various models, the most suitable is a simple one that falls in a sinuous way without wrapping too much and that ends with some final puff that can make you think of the tail of a mermaid that plunges into the waves of the sea.

Scorpio – A retro dress
For you a classic dress is what best suits your mysterious charm, especially if with a retro soul and able to give more charm, increasing your already innate aura of mystery. A strictly long dress, which emphasizes the waist and goes down widely, will be practically perfect. To complete it, you will have to focus everything on makeup and hairstyle, emphasize the look and leave the hair soft.

Sagittarius – The trouser suit
If among the many signs there is one that can go so far, it is certainly yours. A nice trouser suit will make you sophisticated at the right point but without taking away the right leading role. To be even more daring without giving up the skirt, you can instead opt for a particular bustier with an important neckline and to be applied on a wide but not too wide skirt. Something that gives you a sense of freedom that you always need.

Capricorn – A sober dress
Sobriety and refinement are the characteristics that you will have to look for in your wedding dress and which, combined with a comfortable and a little serious model, will create the perfect combination. Even on such an important day, you need firm points and the dress is one of them and it will need to be able to accompany you throughout the day, making you feel both beautiful and comfortable without taking you off the center of attention.

Aquarius – The tunic dress
If you aim for originality even on your big day, the tunic dress will be the perfect choice. Obviously not something simple but a set of layers that overlap each other and that you will be able to enhance with the right shoes and with a handbag that can tone down a little, making you feel the protagonist of the party but without any weight.

Pisces – The Princess
Dress Your dress should be romantic and make you look like a real princess. Strapless, with a tight bodice and a wide skirt, it will make you beautiful harmonizing with your figure and your ways of doing that will remember in all respects those of a joyful bride and ready to start a new important phase in the life of she.

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