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Zodiac Sign Horoscopes for May 2023

Find out what surprises the stars have prepared for you in the month of love!

After the spectacular eclipse of the Moon on January 31, another one follows, on May 15, of the Sun, this time in the sign of Aquarius. We will not be very productive, but rather lacking in energy and dreamers, idealists, with our heads in the clouds. We get our hopes up and think about starting new projects, changing careers, going on long trips, and signing contracts. It is good that everything remains only at the project level, at least for now, because lucidity does not help us to be very objective.

May horoscope for each zodiac sign

Confused aspects become clear, emotions come to light, as does our need to stand out, to be appreciated, and praised.

Aries May horoscope – no unnecessary risks

The mood is good and optimistic, you feel like going out, walking, and experimenting. Small health problems can ruin your plans, at least for a short period. Take care of yourself and don’t force yourself to do things despite fatigue or pain! As you are always involved in a thousand activities, you won’t like to sit “on the bar”, but you won’t have much of a choice either. At work, try to concentrate and don’t do too many things at the same time, because you may miss important details. Instead, you discover amazing things about a person from your entourage or family. Be calculated!

Taurus May horoscope – unexpected help

You feel a strange sensation of discomfort, caused on the one hand by your inner restlessness, on the other by the digestive system itself, which seems to stop listening to you. You gain weight easily if you do not keep the menu under strict control during this period. Avoid especially sweets and alcohol! In other words, your income can increase or you can change your job this month, through a good word from someone who appreciates you. In any case, you will solve a financial problem, or at least you will take the first steps in the direction you want. Partnerships are advantageous!

May Gemini Horoscope – Mobilization!

You don’t manage to do everything you set out to do, nor to express yourself as you would like, you are misunderstood and you feel the need for a break. From work, from home, you want a “release” from all the duties you have. As this is not really possible, you will have to gather all your resources and find the motivation to finish it. If not, motivation finds you, through personal or professional opportunities that you cannot postpone. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. May is not for fun, but for work. But useful!

Horoscope Cancer May – you are not in the mood

Unlike other signs, you have tons of energy during this period, which you don’t know how to use up. But you are even more sensitive than usual. Be careful not to unnecessarily get involved in conflicts with family or colleagues, nor try to de-stress by using tranquilizers, be they medicines, sweets or alcoholic beverages. It’s an ideal moment to start moving, to balance yourself. An hour of Pilates a day never killed anyone! Situations that seem hopeless now are resolved in a novel, unexpected and satisfying way. But you will have to take a stand, not assist from the sidelines!

Leo May horoscope – increased sensitivity

It is unfortunate and bitter for those who neglect you during this period because you feel the need to be kept in the fluff, applauded on the open stage. If you feel like arguing with someone, the reactions you get may not be the expected ones. Any adversarial discussion can degenerate and, more than that, it will drain you of energy, and it can even trigger latent health problems. Internal consumption is accentuated when you find yourself forced to make a not-exactly-easy choice. Do not refuse the help that is offered to you, neither at home nor at work. If you have a hobby, it can propel you in an unexpected way.

Horoscope May Virgo – leave it to you

Eclipses affect your health sector the most. You have a weakened immune system, hence an increased risk of all kinds of ailments, but above all an above-normal irritability. It would be good to avoid any activity that tires you, to go to bed earlier, to get up later. Either the doctor, the nutritionist or the personal trainer will completely reorganize your program and it would be good to take their recommendations as the letter of the law. You receive emotional support from a close person, don’t spoil everything by clinging to your fixed ideas! Sometimes it is necessary and saving to be flexible.

Libra May horoscope – give in and win!

Since the cold came, your body doesn’t seem to adjust at all. You feel discomfort all the time, you have cravings, you eat more than you would like, your joints hurt and you can even easily injure yourself. Try hot baths or a few sauna sessions to calm yourself down. The sport also helps you to energize and warm up. In family life and at work, you prove to be flexible and you have nothing but to gain from this type of behavior. Do not judge too harshly, grant mitigating circumstances! You attract a lot of sympathy with your childish, sincere attitude.

May Scorpio horoscope – a touch of discipline

Emotional and physical stress have reached your head, therefore it is crucial for you to start a detoxification cure. Drink a lot of water, eliminate going out to fast food and excesses of any kind from your schedule, from sleepless nights to hours spent online, otherwise a kind of depression will follow. Don’t rush to spend the money you receive, even if some not-so-useful purchases seem extremely tempting. Instead, focus your attention on interesting job offers that you have every chance of landing. You can earn a lot, but not without effort!

Sagittarius May horoscope – new responsibilities

You can put your life in order during this period, or at least objectively analyze what you should change and make a plan. Your job, home, life or business partner may no longer be what you want, or maybe you need to change something, not others. You are excited by the new perspectives that are emerging and the stars give you a lot of energy to face the challenges. You have the power of persuasion and things settle down very conveniently for you, provided you don’t make decisions without taking into account the opinion of everyone involved.

May Capricorn horoscope – face cards

You feel like a pressure cooker and all the internal struggles leave you breathless. You are a bit insecure, you need confirmations and certainties, but you lack the courage to ask for them. The good news is that the ill-intentioned people will give themselves away and thus you will find out who you are dealing with. Solutions do not take long to appear, especially when you least expect them. It is important in May to take care of yourself on all levels. Even if you like to do sports and it is very healthy, during this period let it be softer with prolonged effort. He does not stay overtime at work, nor work around the house.

Horoscope May Aquarius – the sense of measure

The New Moon and the eclipse of May 15 take place in your sign and help you to communicate and put yourself in an excellent position. You want a lot of changes, you feel it’s time to make decisions, to give a new direction to your life, and you struggle a lot and get tired easily, without necessarily having a tangible cause for this unpleasantness. You can influence, even without realizing it, someone close to you, who considers you a worthy role model, but also envies you. Don’t try to do more than you feel capable of, give yourself a period of peace and relaxation to recover physically and emotionally.

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