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Weekend Horoscope August 26 – 27, 2023. Astrologers’ Recommendations For Each Zodiac Sign

As the end of the week offers us an oasis of relaxation after 5 days of work, the stars are preparing big surprises for us.

Weekend horoscope August 26 – 27: which are the lucky signs, but also who might have two more complicated days, according to astrologers.

Saturday could be quieter, but on Sunday two events will take place that will change the fate of the zodiac signs. First of all, it is about the Sun-Saturn opposition, which represents a fight against the rules. We want to take control and we tend to resist anything that is imposed on us.

Also on Sunday, Mars arrives in Libra and changes our attitude towards the social environments in which we find ourselves. Little by little, the influence of the Virgo sign disappears, with its specific strictness and rigor, allowing us to be more diplomatic and more willing to work in a team. It is a good day to spend with family or friends.

Let’s see what the weekend horoscope brings for each zodiac sign!


Start your weekend with an adventurous attitude. Cosmic energy supports your desire to explore and learn new things. Whether it is a trip or a simple walk in nature, you will find inspiration in the surrounding environment.


With a vibration of stability in the air, it’s the perfect time to dedicate time to self-care and close relationships. The weekend brings you the opportunity to break away from the hustle and bustle and connect with your loved ones. A quiet lunch or a walk in the park can bring balance to your life.


Your quick and curious mind will be in full effervescence this weekend. Explore new topics by reading, writing, or learning. However, make sure you also reserve time for rest, because your active mind also requires moments of relaxation.


It’s time to focus your attention on home and family. The weekend brings the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with your loved ones. An evening of board games or team cooking can bring moments full of warmth.


With confidence and passion in your soul, you will feel at ease in the center of attention. The weekend brings opportunities for self-expression and socialization. A cultural event or a city outing could bring moments of joy and connection.


Details and organization are your strengths this weekend. Call on these skills to solve pending tasks. Also, pay attention to your health, with a walk in the open air or a yoga session.


Balance and harmony are the watchwords in the following days. Direct your attention to relationships and connections, seeking to resolve any conflicts in a delicate and empathetic way. The weekend can also be suitable for artistic or beauty activities.


Introspection and transformation are your weekend themes. You need quiet moments to connect with yourself and understand the direction you want to go. Meditation and reflection are welcome.


Your adventurous spirit is on the rise this weekend. Explore new ideas and aspirations, be it mental or physical journeys. In addition, enjoy the time spent with friends, sharing dreams and projects.


The weekend allows you to focus on your goals and establish realistic plans for the future. Despite the seriousness, you can spoil your soul with relaxing and pleasant moments in the company of loved ones.


With your innovative thinking, you are ready to explore new ideas and look for unconventional alternatives. The weekend could bring opportunities for learning and exchange of knowledge. Also, enjoy the time spent in the social circle.


Your empathy and sensitivity will be in the foreground this weekend. Pay attention to the needs of those around you and try to be a support for your loved ones. A creative activity or a short escape in nature could bring balance to your soul.

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