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Isn’t it that your partner is in the zodiac signs who don’t want to get married? Better find out who is in the top five immediately (and ask them what they think!).

To marry or not to marry, this (sometimes) is the problem.
There is no need to become a new Hamlet, in fact, to find that when you start talking about marriage, a lot of people get really nervous.

Does your partner sweat his hands and look around cautiously as soon as you stop to look at the rings in a shop window? When one of your friends announces the wedding, do you see them whiten and need a bottle of salts?
Hey, are we really sure it’s your partner and not a stranger?
Let’s get to know your partner better by finding out if they are in today’s horoscope ranking.

The zodiac signs who do not want to get married: the ranking of the horoscope

Enough, it’s time to find out if your fiancé is planning to marry you. Like? Absolutely not ask him but by consulting the ranking of the horoscope of today who regards the signs of the zodiac that is not you want absolutely to marry!
Fortunately, in fact, stars and planets give us a hand to recognize all the people who do not want to get married.

Better to know if you are with one of them or if, fortunately, you are not both in today’s horoscope chart, aren’t you? Finding out what the signs are that they don’t want to get married could be a good way to open up the discussion about marriage .

Simply show this ranking to your partner, especially if he is in the first position.
Some laugh, some joke … and finally we will speak of flowers orange!
Here is today’s horoscope ranking: let’s hope you’re not there!

Capricorn: fifth place

Let’s say that the idea of marriage is not the one preferred by those born under the sign of Capricorn. The reason is simple: they should give their independence as well (at least in their minds) to the blandishments of life as single.

The Capricorn is a sign that believes you want to be alone: he loves the silence and peace, the tranquility, and, above all, not having to think about the needs of others.
As soon as he is alone, however, he changes his mind: in short, let’s say that for him marriage is really the last resort!

Virgo: fourth place

While those born under the sign of Virgo do not miss the benefits of a long and lasting relationship, the idea of ​​marriage destabilizes them a little.
If the Virgin were to get married, in fact, everything should be absolutely perfect: according to them, however!

The idea of getting married and then being able to fail, having to separate, or having to adjust to a situation that they cannot completely control, scares the Virgin enough.
For them, marriage does not ever an option: perhaps in the future, away (far, far away!).

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Scorpio: third place

Those born under the sign of Scorpio will only marry if they have a good reason. Love, as much as it ultimately intrigues them, is never among the reasons to get down on your knees and ask the question!
The Scorpio is in fact a sign that can become very selfish and focused on their needs.

Getting married would mean having to welcome someone else into your life and having to make decisions together.
Although for many people this is a positive aspect of marriage, for the Scorpio the question becomes very hot. Get used to having the last word on everything and manage your own life without the interference of others, for their marriage might pose a risk.
If they ask you to marry them it is precisely because they are really sure that the love of their life!

Leo: second place

We put those born under the sign of Leo in second place in our ranking but with an important reserve.
As soon as they have found the true love of their life, or what they believe to be, those born under the sign of Leo will have no problem saying “ yes ” in front of the altar!

Until that moment, however, unfortunately, Leo sees nothing in marriage other than an institution that kills love.
For them to give their own word and their honor is something very important and can not but do so only when they are very sure of the other person!
If they marry too soon they risk putting too much pressure on their relationship and ” killing ” the love they feel for their partner.

In short: marriage, for Leo, is the last step to take and certainly not something to start from. The marriage is the destination, not the beginning!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of signs who do not want to marry

The palm of the most “free” signs of the whole horoscope certainly goes to those born under the sign of Gemini. To get married? And why on earth?
The Twins are people who have absolutely no desire to shut themselves in what they consider to effect a ” cage “.

For them, marriage is an excuse to make people enslaved to normality … something that Gemini does not dream of even from a distance!
For Gemini, get married, it would mean having to lose your own independence which is for them what is most important to us is the face of the earth.

Objectively, those born under this sign are people accustomed to giving up everything from a moment to another, changing lives, cities, loves, and friendships.
For Gemini, it is very important to be able to live peacefully, without necessarily having to help others with their expectations. The feeling, of course, there and the Twins are capable of loving with force. They love no one, however, as much as they love themselves: for this reason, marriage is something they shy away from do not try to cage them!

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