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Meanest Zodiac Signs Ranked From Nicest To Nastiest

Is it even possible to write the Meanest Zodiac signs ranked list? After all, we’re all human beings and have our positive and negative sides.

But whether you like to admit it or not, some people are simply born kinder than others. And according to astrology, most of your personality traits (including this one) are connected to your horoscope sign.

So I guess, if you’re a little bit wicked- it’s the fault in the stars. Nevertheless, being mean doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily a bad person- you’re just not the nicest soul on the planet.

Here is the list of the meanest zodiac signs ranked from nicest to meanest.

Nicest To Meanest Zodiac Signs Ranked

Introducing a new guy or a girl to your life? Are they likely to be mean or nice, according to her or his zodiac sign? It’s time to find out what you can expect!


If you look into Libra’s personality traits, you’ll see that they are eternal optimists and fighters for justice. It doesn’t even matter if they know the person they are standing up for.

Libras are going to act the same whether it’s their friend or a complete stranger they are fighting for.

The principle is at stake and justice, too When it comes to Libras, the only important thing is for justice to be served.

That’s the main reason they are so driven to help others.

Libras are not selfish, and they almost always put other people’s feelings before their own.

They will go out of their way to make someone happy. That’s why Libra sits on the throne of niceness as an absolute ruler.


Pisces are similar to Libra. They also hate conflict, and you’ll rarely see them arguing with someone.

It’s not that they don’t have anything to fight about, but they prefer to walk away than stay in a conflict situation.

Pisces are not selfish, and they help others out of the pure goodness of their hearts.

There is never an ulterior motive hidden behind their good actions. They don’t do it because they want to be admired or because they want to get under your skin.

They never put their own well-being above someone else’s. When you get to know them, you see that people born under this sign are simply nice and there is nothing that can change that quality of theirs.

Anyone who has crossed paths with Pisces will tell you how kind and gentle they are.

They genuinely care about others, and if they see someone needs help, they’ll stop at nothing until they do anything in their power to assist.


Despite their reputation as hot-headed and stubborn, Taurus is actually much deeper than that.

They are very patient when it comes to other people.

They are helpful, and they will never criticize someone because they know criticism can sometimes sting.

Their generosity is their most beautiful quality.

If you were a complete stranger and you needed something from a Taurus, they wouldn’t turn you down.

Despite the fact that Taurus is extremely patient with others, they can crack if you totally piss them off.

That’s a pretty hard thing to achieve, but it’s possible. If that happens, Taurus turns from nice to nasty in a matter of seconds.

It’s not easy to get Taurus to lose control because they keep their emotions to themselves.

They rarely express them and keep them bottled up. Once you open that bottle, run for your life because all hell will break loose.


Aquarians don’t tolerate mean and selfish people. These amazing people don’t have the time for talking behind someone’s back or being mean to anyone.

Life is too short for that BS.

Aquarians are not all over the place with their nice attitude, but when they meet someone for the first time, they will try hard to really get to know that person.

People born under this sign don’t like to talk about themselves. They prefer to hear about others. Making friends is what they are really good at.

If you have a different opinion of Aquarians, then you must have caught them on one of their rare bad days.

Remember, an Aquarius will always be there to help. An Aquarius will be gentle and nice, but an Aquarius is not a doormat.

If they sense you’re taking advantage of them, they are going to turn into unpleasant enemies.


Sags are nice in general, but it’s not because they are like that by nature. It’s because they avoid negative people and weird situations.

Conflict is just not their cup of tea, and they are way happier living without it.

They don’t judge others for their behavior, and they have nothing against them.

Their life motto is: “Leave me alone in peace; you go hate all you like, but far away from me”.

Their motto is perfect for someone who wants to keep their life cool and stable.

That is the only reason they are nice – not because they want to be that way to help others, but because they want to help themselves.


Geminis have an inner bitch hidden deep inside of them. There are two sides to a Gemini’s personality.

On the one hand, they are super outgoing and very easy to talk to, but on the other hand, they like to talk behind people’s backs and cause awkward situations.

If you want to provoke their mean side, just confront them. If you’ve heard they’ve been spreading rumors about you, tell them to their face, and see what happens.

Do you think they will apologize in a nice way begging you to forgive them?

No, they will yell at you and accuse you of being a liar which will only make things worse.

In other words, Gemini is nice when they want to be, but if you catch them doing shady things, they will go mean on your ass right that second.


If there would be a Zodiac synonym for moodiness, then it would be Cancer. With them, you never know where you stand.

If they have a good day, then they will be on their best behavior. They will love and hug you, and you’ll get sick of all that love.

If you catch them on their bad day, you better watch out and find a place to hide because they won’t carefully choose words to insult you with—they will throw everything they have in your face.

That state they fall into is not exactly meanness. Cancers are very sensitive and emotional people.

Every emotion they feel, they have the need to show.

Cancers are fine with other people acting and hiding their emotions, but…but burning inside, a Cancer will honestly show how they really feel which most of us see as being mean.

And on the plus side, they aren’t being mean on purpose. They are really trying to be nice. It’s just that they fail at that almost every time.


Someone as passionate as Leo cannot control their feelings and especially their reactions.

Most of the time, they are going to be gentle, warm, and considerate friends, but the moment you step on their toes, they are going to turn into mean monsters.

Leos won’t choose their words to hurt you on purpose. Their words find their way out somehow.

They aren’t even aware of what they are capable of saying and doing when they are angry and how it hurts the person on the other side of the conflict.

Note: If you really want to piss off a Leo, and you better not, then you’ll definitely see their mean side, and you’re not going to like it.


Virgos are actually the exact opposite of what their name suggests. They are not innocent at all.

Maybe that’s the first impression you get when you meet a Virgo, but upon detailed analysis, you realize Virgos are actually pretty mean.

Virgos are great actors, and they can continue their act for a long time.

The only problem which gets to them every time and exposes their mean behavior is that small stuff gets on their nerves.

So, if a lot of these insignificant things happen consecutively, they lose it and crack.

In those situations, a Virgo will hurt you on purpose, but you won’t notice it at first.

They will wrap a mean comment inside a few compliments. That’s really one sneaky thing to do.


Impatient, aggressive, and headstrong – three words which you can use to describe Aries.

Although, if you ask them, they’ll tell you they are passionate which is total BS.

There is a huge difference between being passionate and not giving a damn about anything.

But what happens is that Aries cannot control their bad mood. They can’t control their feelings bottling up inside, so they crack.

They go insane and turn mean immediately.

In this way, Aries get whatever they want using the excuse that they are assertive when actually, they are just mean.


Mean is Capricorn’s second language. They will be perfectly fine until you piss them off. If you do something they don’t like, prepare for war.

They won’t scream at you nor try to hit you. No, their technique of hurting someone is much more devious.

Their favorite method of getting even is doing things behind your back and acting like everything is perfectly fine.

This happens if you really get them angry. If you did something not so serious, they will just act cold and distant.

They’re the champions of ignoring you. They will cut you off: block you on social media, delete your number and pass by you when you accidentally meet- as if you never existed.

Either way, a Capricorn always knows when they are being mean—nothing happens without a reason if you ask them.


And finally, the absolute rulers of meanness or bitchiness. The kings and the queens of our Meanest zodiac signs ranked list. His or her majesty: Scorpios.

If you do everything they want and never object to any of their decisions, sure, they can be nice.

The moment you disobey the rule ‘always listen to a Scorpio’, you’re in for a vengeful ride.

Not only are they going to hurt you, but they are going to plan their revenge carefully to the last detail. They will leave nothing to chance.

If you messed up and you sincerely want to apologize for your behavior, they will ignore you and act like you’re not even there.

You can get down on your knees, but they won’t have it.

If you didn’t mess up and managed to explain what happened (congratulations to the ones who’ve succeeded), they will apologize for blaming you. It’s just the way they are and there is nothing much you can do about it.

Most Hated Zodiac Signs Ranked


If you’re looking for someone to party with, this Sun sign is probably one of your first choices. Nevertheless, you’ll probably avoid them when it comes to deeper relations.

Geminis are mostly hated because of their dual personality. At first, you’re fascinated by their compatibility with everyone they meet.

Nevertheless, later you realize that their adaptability is actually a problem. They’re like chameleons so you can’t help but wonder: what is their true personality?

They’re actually nice people but the problem is that you can never know what to expect from them.

People belonging to this sign are usually characterized as two-faced. They have trouble with commitment and loyalty, among other things.


Where should I start? They’re vengeful, possesively jealous and manipulative. If they’re your romantic partner or a best friend, they’ll be loyal to the core.

But even that doesn’t annul this star sign’s negative traits. To be exact, people don’t actually hate Scorpios- in most cases, they avoid them because they’re scared of them. How fun is that?


Let’s meet one of the most narcissistic astrological signs. Their need for admiration and constant attempts to impress others put them at the top of the most hated signs.

They crave the spotlight and are ready to do whatever it takes, just to steal all the attention for themselves. Also, this is the kind of person who will never apologize first or admit that they’re wrong. What a combo!


According to all zodiac facts, Aries is one of the most selfish and egocentric signs out there. Another negative trait of this horoscope sign is their brutal honesty.

I know what you must think now. Don’t we all want the truth thrown to our faces? Well, theoretically- yes. Practically- not so much.

The irony is that these people aren’t as hated for their selfishness as they are for telling exactly what they mean. They’re the ones who will tell you the truth, as painful as it might be.


People hate Capricorns because they’re convinced Capricorns hate the entire world. But that’s not true- they just have a hard time showing emotions.

At a first glance, it seems as if they only care about money. They appear to be insensitive and heartless.

Nevertheless, they’re just good at hiding their feelings. Caps have a problem with repressing their emotions and that’s not the reason to hate on them.


Who is that person in your life who says: “I told you so”, every single time something goes wrong? That’s right- a Virgo.

They’re the ones who always know what’s best for you and who try to put everyone’s life in order. Basically, this sign is not as hated as much as people find them annoying.


When you first meet an Aquarian, you assume that they’re vain and self-centred. But trust me when I tell you that this is the wrong first impression.

These people need time to relax in front of others. When that happens, you see that there is actually no reason not to like them.


I bet we’re all sick and tired of memes about Cancers being passive-aggressive and overly emotional. In general, people do their best not to hate them because of their fragile heart but sometimes, you simply can’t help it.


In general, people don’t hate Sags. They’re friendly and outgoing so everyone enjoys their company.

The only way to hate a Sagittarius is if you’re their girlfriend or boyfriend who wants them to commit. It’s a well-known fact that this is one of the signs who enjoy their single life the most.


Everyone in their surroundings loves a Taurus? Why? Well, because they’re generous and take care of others.

The next time you see a Taurus, remember that her or his zodiac sign is ruled by Venus- the planet of love and you’ll understand what makes them so lovable.


This Sun sign is probably the biggest empath around. They feel other people’s pain and look forward to their happiness. Who wouldn’t love that?


As much as you try, you simply can’t hate Libras, even though they have their share of negative traits.

They won’t fight with you (as much as you try to provoke them), they are never mean and all they do is strive for peace and balance.

Which Zodiac Sign Is Meanest?

Scorpio is the meanest sign of them all. They’re harsh, brutal and often unpleasant.

These are the people who never forget and rarely forgive. They will pay you back sooner or later.

But what gives Scorpio a bad reputation is actually their intelligence and the capacity to do whatever they set their mind on.

To be honest: there are probably meaner zodiacs than Scorpios. Nevertheless, others keep their evil side buried deep inside.

It’s actually pretty simple: Scorpio’s schemes and plans work out in most cases. That makes their bad intentions and mean traits more visible.

Which Zodiac Sign Is Dangerous?

Scorpio is the most dangerous of all the zodiac signs. They’re capable of walking over dead bodies to get what they want.

The thing you should especially beware of when it comes to people with this Sun sign is their revenge. Remember: it’s a dish best served cold.

So if you hurt a Scorpio in any way in the past, they didn’t let it go. They’re just waiting for the perfect moment to get even.

Another thing that makes this sign potentially dangerous are their manipulative skills. They’re able to literally brainwash their victim in order to get what they want. (

Which Zodiac Signs Can Fight?

Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Gemini and Scorpio are the Star signs that feel the best in the middle of an argument. They go around, using every opportunity they get to pick a fight. Sometimes, it even seems as if any type of quarrel charges their batteries and gives them additional energy.

Which Zodiac Sign Gets Angry Easily?

Aries is the sign who loses their temper the fastest. They’re explosive and every little thing can push them off the edge. When they’re in a bad mood, they burst in the blink of an eye.

The worst part is that they have no way of controlling their anger. This sign is quite impulsive and they rarely think things through before acting on them.

Which Zodiac Is The Kindest?

Every astrologer will tell you the same: Libra is the nicest zodiac sign out there. It’s in their nature to avoid any confrontation, at all costs.

It’s not just that a Libra doesn’t fight- they’re also the peacemakers of the zodiac. The moment they run into a dispute, they do whatever it takes to help sort things out.

To Wrap Up:

Now that you’ve read through this Meanest Zodiac Signs ranked list, you see what you can expect from someone new you’re about to let in your life.

But what about you? Are you mean or nice?

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