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4 Zodiacs Who Will Finally Face Their Karma This Spring

Aries season is upon us, and while it’s a time of tremendous growth and uncovering deeper layers of self, it’s also the time when Karma will call you out. So, if you’ve been putting off your healing, ignoring the red flags, and generally not stepping up to the growth plate, you will be forced to do so this season. Prepare yourself!


This time is a great time for you to reflect inward and evaluate who you spend your energy on, Taurus. You will be able to create healthier habits and prioritize your well-being this spring. However, only some things will be a breeze. After April 1st, when Mercury goes retrograde, you’ll be forced to face loose ends you haven’t tied off from your past. You’re stubborn, but Karma calls you to stop putting things aside and deal with them head-on.


This spring is the time for a Gemini’s rejuvenation and new beginnings in career and self. There are plenty of new experiences to have, and you will have all of them! Mercury retrograde is bringing some things to the surface for you, though, twin. Your need to communicate with everyone, even those you don’t know so well, will return to haunt you. Some in-person or online interactions might call your reputation into question. You’re a chatterbox, but Karma isn’t blind to you trying to be friends with everyone, even the ones you know you shouldn’t be.


Your friend group will evolve this season, and it’s all good for you, Leo. How others present themselves will be very clear, and you’ll be able to decide who you want in your inner circle. However, in that pursuit, Karma will also reveal some conversations and relationships you’ve abandoned in the past. Whether it was for good reason or not, you will have to face those difficult situations and explain or come to realize why you abandoned them in the first place. It’ll be uncomfortable to come to terms with your mistakes, especially since you don’t think you have any, but there will be growth on the other side.


Virgo, we know you can handle it all, and all your hard work is paying off this season. Financial success is on the horizon, and you’re well within grasp. However, Karma has been waiting for her moment, and it is now. Mercury retrograde will force you to fulfill some promises you couldn’t keep and settle the score for situations you have been avoiding. Being perfect to the outside world is hard work, and the corners you cut will be put on full display, so maybe it’s best to own up and settle the score.

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