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The Signs Of The Zodiac Who Cry The Most

Those of today are the most emotional signs of all, those who find themselves crying for nothing and who are ironically defined by their friends as “crying”. Well, well, in some cases they may have exaggerated behaviors and attitudes, in others their complaints are more than fair.

But if you are curious to know a little more, then all you have to do is read this interesting article to the end. Let’s start our review immediately and proceed with order and precision. That’s who I am.


The scorpion is one of the signs that externally might seem among the toughest and most aggressive of the entire zodiac, but in truth, it has a very soft and sweet heart that fully identifies it in our list today. Sometimes it’s as if he finds himself discussing nothing with his closest friends and then ends up in a situation of strong incomprehension, which he doesn’t like at all and that’s when he bursts into tears. It is also true that he tends to recover in no time at all, and everything goes back to normal.


We can’t fail to mention the most romantic of the whole zodiac, Aquarius, a sign that always comes to tears in a second if only someone manages to tug at its heartstrings delicately. Here, what just can’t handle it is just a small sentimental disappointment or the momentary end of a relationship with friends. Never touch his feelings.


And we close with the fish who finds himself crying even on strange occasions when nobody or hardly anyone would cry. An example? He can’t handle sentimental films, even the most trivial ones, and he gets to cry all the time when he sees one. Even after days, if he thinks about it, he starts crying.

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