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Unlucky Zodiac Signs This Summer. Nothing Turns Out The Way They Planned

Summer is coming, but the news is not too good for some horoscope signs. The next three months will put them to the test!

A new season begins and, from an astrological point of view, it is the richest in events. Seven planets will change their locations, moving into other signs, and we feel a strong impact from Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus.

Also this Summer we will have an equinox, but also the change of time, so it is expected that we will be affected on a mental and spiritual level.

There are also luckier signs, but there are also 3 natives who will have their plans turned upside down.

Unlucky zodiac signs this Summer

These 3 horoscope signs will also go through difficult times in March, April, and May, but there is no need to be disappointed if you were born in the named signs. It is just a hope that life puts in your way, to develop better and to know more things that will help you in your evolution.


A period of ups and downs follows if you were born under the Leo sign. These natives will receive many opportunities on a personal level, but there will also be trials in terms of career and work. Communication will be poor during the Summer, and this could lead to misunderstandings with superiors or colleagues. Also, the energy could decrease towards the end of March, which means low efficiency.

It is necessary to take time for yourself, to learn the lessons you receive from fate, and not to despair. Better times will come after these dark months.


Your sign is affected by the astrological events that take place in March. Saturn in Pisces is meant to teach you some lessons about responsibility. This planet brings seriousness and a little rigidity. You will especially feel these effects in the professional area. If you are a responsible and organized person, it is possible to be put in spontaneous situations, so that you become more flexible and relaxed. On the other hand, if lately, you have been airier and less disciplined, Saturn will teach you to gather yourself and work more orderly.

On a sentimental level, many things change and you will be more open to your loved ones, but this is not an easy process either. You might be disappointed by someone you trusted.


Because Saturn leaves your sign for the first time in 3 years, you will be confused. Aquarius natives will experience a period of transition with a huge impact on their lives in the coming months. Things will not be exactly rosy during the Summer, because your patience will be put to the test, and your emotions will be tested.

Choose to consciously live the moments you are going through. Understand why some things happen and how they will affect your future. Even if it seems that some situations have no escape, better times will surely come for you.

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