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There are different ways to deal with and overcome a complicated relationship. Here is that of each sign of the zodiac.

Relationships, as we know, can often be difficult and give too many thoughts to those who live them. When this happens, the way of dealing with them can vary according to the character, the feeling that binds to the other person, self-esteem, and a whole series of characteristics that are related to the way of being and feeling of the people involved. Although each of us has our way of dealing with and overcoming a difficult relationship, some behaviors can be considered almost standard and are those that depend on the influence of the stars and, therefore, on the zodiac sign.

After seeing what is the hidden gift that 2021 has given to each of us and which are the signs of the zodiac with a greater Christmas spirit, today we will therefore try to find out how each zodiac sign overcomes a difficult relationship. When dealing with feelings, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a more complete idea of ​​what to expect.

Astrology: how the zodiac signs deal with a complicated relationship

Aries – Cutting the Rope
Those born under the sign of Aries are not very fond of complications and when they find themselves in a difficult relationship, more often than not, they prefer to run away instead of facing things as they could very well do. One of their characteristics, however, is that they get tired early and when a story becomes difficult the desire to take it back is so low that going away is the thing that seems best to them. Of course, if they are really in love they can think of making some attempts but they rarely go all the way, and even if they do, at the first obstacle, they would stop again, probably forever. Among the signs of the zodiac, I am therefore one of the least inclined to make a story work unless this is practically perfect or on the other hand there is a desire to do so for two.

Taurus – Shutting the Door
It must be said that before they get to kick someone out of their lives, the natives of Taurus always try to make ends meet and try their best to carry on the relationship. If things get too difficult, however, their final choice is to shut down and completely oust the person from their life. It is something they do with some effort and always after thinking about it for a long time but it is also the only possible move because otherwise, they would always end up giving new possibilities even in the face of a hopeless situation. We can therefore say of them that they are forced to build a wall to protect themselves, avoid suffering and keep the decision taken. Which they do only when they see no other chance in front of them.

Gemini – Thinking of themselves
When they are in a complex relationship, those born under the sign of Gemini end up thinking about themselves first. This leads them to deliberately ignore the needs of the person they are with.
It could be said that theirs is a kind of spite, implemented almost in the hope of being left instead of having to make such a decision.
Certainly, their attitude is not inclined towards a story that is destined to last. Unless particular changes or a partner are willing to do anything to be close to them, it is very difficult for them to be able to recover things.
It can be said that when they decide that history has too many problems it is a bit like the beginning of the end. The one in which they turn away, focusing more on themselves than on the rest and thus starting to mentally distance themselves from the person they love.
A perhaps selfish attitude but that most of the time they stage in order not to suffer and not to have to be the ones to make decisions that they may regret in the future.

Cancer – Withdrawing into themselves
Cancer natives are not good when it comes to difficult relationships. Their greatest fear is that of losing the person they love. At the same time, however, they cannot live a story that is not what they want and when they find themselves having to make a decision they close in on themselves for fear of making a mistake. This way of doing them rarely goes unnoticed and sooner or later, questions or digs for their behavior lead them to explode and bring out discontent. The more time has passed the more extreme the reaction will be and that is what usually leads to the end of the story. Because if they are very good at being practically glued to those they love, they are just as good at distancing themselves when they realize they are not happy.

Leo – Putting themselves even more at the center of their world
Those born under the sign of Leo are self-centered people who like to be the center of attention. To do this, they are willing to give up even the others.
When they love, however, they manage to at least step aside a little to focus on the other person. This leads them to pour some of their light on him.
This way of doing things completely fails when things get difficult.
If they do not feel fully satisfied in love the natives of the sign end up estranging themselves, returning to place themselves at the center of their world and thus ending up ignoring the person they are with. An attitude that can only complicate things and that more often than not leads to the natural end of history. A real shame if you think that sometimes it would take very little to take things back and maintain a strong bond that has given them so much.

Virgo – Becoming Selfish
When they love, Virgo natives tend to put their partner at the center of their world, eventually losing at least some of their usual rationality to go with the current of feeling. Faced with the first difficulties, however, they tend to reopen their eyes. This leads them to collide with a reality that they often perceive as worse than it really is and which consequently tend to live in a way that is not exactly happy. When this happens, they rarely stop to think about who they may be in the wrong or right. Thus, they end up becoming selfish and thinking only of themselves.
If on the one hand, it is their way to become estranged, on the other it is certainly the last way to resolve situations. More often than not, this way of doing things risks leading to a break-up going to give a hand to their pessimistic idea which in their eyes will be corroborated by what happened.

Libra – Moving away
Those born under the sign of Libra do not like difficulties and even less do they endure those in love. When things go wrong, then, after a first attempt to resume history, they end up detaching themselves first mentally and then increasingly also from a physical point of view. It is in these situations that they turn from confidants into those who need to talk, contact friends, and become more social than usual. And all just to escape a story that in their eyes is sinking like a ship from which to escape. Only an extreme attempt by the partner could convince them that there is still some hope in which to invest. Conversely, in the absence of signals, they may end up wanting to cut all bridges. This means to bring to a conclusion,

Scorpio – Taking Things to Extremes
When it comes to feelings, natives of Scorpio can’t live things with serenity. For them, in love, it is all black or white. This means that when faced with even small problems, they will always try to understand what happens, sometimes even exasperating the situation.
Their idea of ​​love is indeed very particular. In their eyes, a relationship that is unable to overcome obstacles is not all that solid. So, even if sometimes it takes a lot of effort to do it, they prefer to eviscerate every little problem, causing havoc in the relationship and ending up exasperating the partner who, unless he is deeply in love, could get tired or frightened by so many emotions.
For sure, the way they do it will always push them to have at their side only people who want to be there. People who, to be close to him, are willing to live a relationship that travels on the roller coaster of love.

Sagittarius – Taking a vacation
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have only one way to take time out when their relationships go wrong: take a vacation. And this happens not only from a purely physical point of view but also from a mental one. When something is not in their cords they prefer to estrange themselves to concentrate on something else and this also and above all happens about love. The natives of the sign love simple things. And, desiring a life as carefree as possible, they try to escape from responsibilities as well as from any sad event or which can complicate their life. In short, it can be said of them that they are people who tend to disappear in difficulty, almost in the hope that time will solve all their problems. The truth, however, is that from a certain point of view they expect the other person to prove something to them.

Capricorn – Throwing Into Work
When things don’t go right, Capricorn natives have only one answer: throwing yourself into work. For them, doing this is the only way to get distracted and to find a way to feel better. By working they can keep their minds busy and not think about the things that are wrong in private. A way of acting that often and willingly ends up creating many problems for them since by doing so they end up exacerbating every situation, avoiding making simpler choices such as talking about it, facing things, etc … Their stories, therefore, when they get difficult they become potentially unsafe. The only solution is that on the other side there is a partner who can take care of everything and convince them to face the situation.

Aquarius – By spending more time alone
Those born under the sign of Aquarius, already so focused on themselves, tend to be at their worst when things don’t work out as they should. For them, difficult things are a problem they prefer not to have to deal with. A situation that escalates when the relationship they live in is not going well. Having to overcome conflicts is something that drains all energy from them. For this reason, they prefer to avoid, isolating themselves and pretending that there is no problem. This only makes the situation worse but, even knowing it, they never tend to change things. Unless you have someone by your side who can understand them and take them in the right direction, they are therefore inclined to conclude the stories at the first difficulty. This is due to the lack of desire to do something about it,

Pisces – Seeking Comparison
The natives of Pisces live for love and in life, they try to do whatever is possible to make it go well. When the relationship gets complicated, then, the first thing they try to do is work things out. To do this, they focus all their energies on the problems to be solved.
Having a native of Pisces at your side, therefore, means always knowing when something is wrong and being constantly invited to dialogue and looking for solutions to make love go as it should. This is an admirable way of doing things and one that works most of the time, allowing them to sort things out before they get too sour. On their side, however, there must be a partner who also wants love between them to work. Otherwise, their ways could be heavy. That said, it is the zodiac sign that knows how to deal with any difficulties better than all the others. The natives of the sign, in fact, always put their heart into everything they do, which makes those around them feel deeply loved.

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