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Unlucky Zodiac Signs In October 2023

The second month of autumn brings a storm of feelings into your life if you were born under these signs.

There are five unlucky zodiac signs in October, and each one will carry a heavy stone, which also comes with important lessons.


Communication can become difficult, and tensions can appear in the couple or the family. It is important to be open to making certain changes, for your well-being. You will be quite rigid, and this will affect you on all levels. You need to seek support from someone close to you and listen to the advice of people you trust. Meditation practices or sports activities can also help learn to detach.


Problems may arise at work or in time management, which leads to stress and anxiety. You like to be organized and, sometimes, things do not depend only on you. There will be delays from other people, and relationships with them will suffer. Learn to keep your temper. It is your opportunity to become more tolerant and to manage difficult moments better. Life puts you to the test and it only depends on you if you let yourself be affected or not.


You will have very low energy, and your usual enthusiasm is missing. Fatigue and lack of motivation may occur. This is the sign that the Universe sends you when you need to stop and look at things in perspective. Give yourself time to rest, but also to change the way you relate to life. What consumes your energy? A heart-to-heart talk with your life partner or a close person can also help you because you need to open up and detach yourself from certain feelings.


The month of October brings many dilemmas and uncertainties in your life. The main challenge will be to stop something that is no longer good for you. It may be about a project that has consumed a lot of your resources, but it is not going anywhere. Or about a relationship that doesn’t fulfill you. The stars certainly take you on a final path, which comes with tears, but also with a feeling of liberation. It will be hard, but you are a survivor.


Misunderstandings or conflicts with colleagues or business partners may arise. It is important to keep calm to see the solutions. The fact that you are very emotional does not help you, because you will tend to complicate situations that are, in essence, simple. If you have a major decision to make, October is not the most suitable month and it is recommended to postpone it as long as you can. Also, refrain from expenses that are not urgent, because the money will slip through your fingers without you realizing it.

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