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For centuries, the astro signs were used as a guide to predict the outcome of our futures. They also defined a lot of our personality traits based on the sign we were born in.

But in today’s world, we tend to rely on our signs to show us whether we’re compatible with someone we’re crushing on or if we should move on to someone else. We can even identify what we should and shouldn’t do in order to capture someone’s heart.

But did you know that it can also be used to figure out which hobbies he actually wishes she had, based on his sign? It sounds nuts, but there’s a way.

You see, every astro sign has its own characteristics and interests. So, you can rest assured that if they love doing outdoorsy things like hiking, they’re going to want a partner who loves hiking, too. And if you’re a couch potato and you notice he’s totally miserable sitting there next to you, there’s an obvious explanation.

He has a hobby he secretly wishes you had as well. Maybe he’s too shy to admit it. But if you really want to try new things and find common ground, then here are some hobbies and interests you should consider trying with him.

24 Aries Men Would Love To Go On A Date That Includes Hiking, Skiing, Or Mountain Biking

If there’s one thing Aries men don’t want is to stay in one place for too long. So, playing board games at home just won’t cut it for them. He prefers activities that challenge his energetic and enthusiastic traits.

So, if all you do is hang around the couch eating chips and watching Netflix, then he’s most likely low-key hoping you’ll change your tune and take an interest in active sports like volleyball, riding your bike in the outdoors, or even going camping. Water sports and Pilates aren’t out of the question either. He wouldn’t mind doing a triathlon with his bae, too. But if you’re more into art and music, then take him to a rock or jazz concert, as long as it’s high energy.

23 But Aries Guys Also Want To Write… A Lot

Although Aries guys would prefer to dance the night away or go trekking through the Amazon, it’s not always about going full speed ahead. This sign is pretty creative, too. And nothing inspires them more than writing. So, they could definitely use a partner who wants to sit down and write the next bestseller. Writing or drawing a children’s book would be pretty cool, too.

But there are other challenging things. He certainly wouldn’t mind a partner who could help him create a vlog or a podcast. While these things may sound stationary and so unlike an Aries, it’s the challenge that drives him to adore these seemingly mellow projects.

22 Taurus Guys Love Any Kind Of Hobby That Takes Them Closer To Nature, Like Fishing

Throw in words like camping or hiking into a conversation and a Taurus guy will reach for his fishing or camping gear in the blink of an eye. They have an affinity for all things outdoors. In fact, they might even get a bit restless or dissatisfied in their relationship if their partner isn’t willing to do these things with them.

It will definitely put a wedge in the love connection if they have to sit back and do something indoors. A lack of freedom is certainly not the way to win a Taurus guy over, but that’s certainly how they’ll feel if they’re not allowed to do hobbies that take them closer to nature.

21 But A Taurus Guy Will Completely Lose His Mind If Their Crush Takes Them Bike Riding In The Park

Their bae doesn’t have to take them out in the middle of nowhere or plot a grand expedition across a forest in some exotic country like Africa. Their significant other can easily satiate a Taurus guy’s love for the outdoors by taking them bike riding in the park.

There’s just something so romantic about riding a bike in the outdoors while casually striking a conversation with bae. You could even stop and take a few snaps for IG, too. Plus, think of all the calories you’ll burn from bike riding alone. Who knows? You might be in the mood to have a romantic picnic once you’re both worn out from riding across the bike path.

20 Gemini Men Love Mental Stimulation Because They Tend To Change Their Minds A Lot

Gemini guys enjoy hobbies that are mentally and physically stimulating. The only problem is that they tend to change their interests quite a bit. But one thing’s for sure: they’ll absolutely love to date someone who’s into things like table tennis, adventure sports, or even badminton. They also have a thing for solving puzzles and learning new languages.

So, if there’s one thing you can say about Gemini guys is that they’re anything but boring. A girl just has to be willing to shift hobbies because he’s basically a revolving door when it comes to interests. But Gemini guys aren’t all about sports and puzzles. Oh no! They apparently have a thing for fine arts, too.

19 But You’d Be Surprised To Find Out How Much A Gemini Man Likes The Theater

A Gemini guy’s ideal girl would need to share an interest in each of his hobbies if she ever hopes to win his heart. And since there are so many options to choose from with a Gemini, something’s bound to click.

Take theater for example. Geminis love performing arts and theater. It engages their creativity, which is something they can’t live without. Underground shows and small theaters that play unique films are not out of the question either. His jaw would probably drop on the floor if you get tickets to Cirque du Soleil for both of you! He wants to go on a date with someone who won’t suddenly find herself yawning during a theatrical production or the relationship will go south.

18 A Cancer Guy’s Ideal Girl Would Have To Love Homebody Hobbies Like Gardening, Reading, And Cooking

A Cancer guy won’t waste his time on someone who isn’t generally a homebody. That means that she’d have to be a major fan of spending time indoors. But there are two ways they’ll approach this. They may choose to stay at home and work on their stamp collection or catch up on their reading. They might even do a little interior decoration, some outdoor gardening, or even some cooking.

But that doesn’t mean Cancer guys only want to stay cooped up inside a house. They also enjoy other indoor activities like going to a museum or a book club. So, it’s not that they’re not open to leaving the house, they just prefer to do something with a roof over their heads. 

17 But They’d Absolutely Fall In Love With Someone Whose Biggest Hobby Is Getting Pampered 24/7

Most people don’t realize that Cancer guys are oh-so-romantic. But they’re also martyrs who tend to do things for others without thinking of themselves first. However, once in a while, they will pick a hobby that allows them to put themselves first. This may include pampering themselves with a professional massage or getting a mani-pedi. Even a facial isn’t out of the question.

Finding a studio to do some yoga or meditate for a while also helps them relax. But who says they want to do it alone? Going on impromptu mini-vacations is also a great way to recharge the batteries, so they want to date someone who isn’t afraid to book a trip without doing a lot of planning.

16 Leo Men Want Bae To Be Just As Comfortable With Meeting New People And Going To Parties As Much As He Is

Leo guys are very outgoing and confident. You probably already knew this if you’re crushing hard on a Leo (or even dating one!). So, some of the things they love doing include sports, listening to music, painting, going to social events, and dancing. They reinvent themselves all the time, so the possibility they’ll come up with a new hobby is very likely.

And they expect their bae to keep up and be comfortable with it, especially when it comes to meeting new people and going to parties. He loves partying the night away while being the center of attention. To that end, stand-up comedy or karaoke isn’t a bad idea either, but only if his girlfriend will go along with it.

15 But Leo Guys Tend To Fall For Girls Who Like Learning New Things Too

Leo guys don’t mind trying new things, and they will totally fall for a girl who feels the same way. Leo relies on hobbies that allow him to expend all of their excess energy. This might include learning how to sing or take up surfing, snowboarding, or even an acting class. They’re very expressive and won’t apologize for that.

So, they need their significant other to feel the same way because when they get creative or loud they will definitely need someone who can put up with their enthusiasm and energy. But as we mentioned before, their girl should either share the spotlight or allow them to bathe in it all on their own.

14 Virgo Men Usually Go For Anyone Who’s Into Handcrafts And Pretty Much Anything That Stimulates Their Mind

Virgo men are part of the Earth sign, which makes them super smart and detail-oriented. So, they’re more likely to embrace new hobbies that are mostly intellectual versus physical ones. Some of Virgo’s favorite hobbies might include gardening, crocheting, or making handicrafts.

But he’s not just good with his hands, he’s also good with his mind, so surfing the internet to do research and learn new things might be a great way to pass the time with bae. Learning a new language is also a pretty bold but interesting challenge. If there’s one thing that drives a Virgo man completely insane, it’s a gal who loves to read and write.

13 But If Bae Is Into Home Organization Too, Well, They Might Just Want To Marry Her

If there’s one thing Virgos like more than handcrafts and a stunning backyard patio, it’s home organizing. It could involve rearranging the furniture or getting rid of something old. He might take her to a vintage furniture sale and find a bargain to replace the furniture he just threw away.

But a Virgo would also love to clear up all that clutter that’s been collecting dust in the garage. If you love rearranging bookshelves, then he would probably adore spending an entire afternoon doing just that. Remember that planning a home organization project is half the fun for a Virgo because he likes cleanliness and practicality. And if he finds a gal who feels the same way, he might just put a ring on it.

12 Libra Men Love To Travel So They Want A Partner Who’s Just As Adventurous

Libra men aren’t going to waste their time with someone who doesn’t have an adventurous spirit. They’re very social creatures so dating an introvert will likely end in disaster. They need a partner who appreciates traveling to new places and exploring new areas, even if that includes a trip across state lines, or a drive to an opera house or a music show.

The big thing for Libras is that they need to grow as a person, and the best way for them to do that is to go out and explore something new and meet interesting people along the way.

11 But They Tend To Go For The Girl Who Plans A Movie Date Night On The Couch Too

Libra guys won’t always choose the outdoors or a social setting full of people. Like the other signs, there are different types of guys under Libra. Some of them are easygoing and pretty chill. They could be total couch potatoes too. So, they will probably enjoy a movie date night on the couch just for two.

And if they’re dating a girl who’s big on binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix, then they’ll be really stoked, especially if she lets them pick a movie or a TV show to watch, because at the end of the day, they also want to feel like they’re in control.

10 Scorpio Men Prefer Hobbies That Help Them Grow

Scorpio men tend to be shy and reserved. This means they generally won’t pick hobbies that require them to hang out in large groups. But that doesn’t mean they’re opposed to hobbies that will help them or their business grow.

Scorpios will fall head over heels in love with a girl who’s into otherworldly things like religion, philosophy, astrology, meditation, and yoga. But Scorpios don’t get caught up in simply “wanting” to do these things. They live, breathe, and practice their beliefs, so their bae better tag along if they want to live happily ever after.

9 But If Their Girl Is Intro Crossfit Or Indoor Rock-Climbing, They’ll Never Let Her Go

Scorpio guys are not shy about one thing and that involves intense workout trends that involve indoor activities. Things like ax-throwing, indoor rocking climbing, and CrossFit give them a major adrenaline rush. Nothing makes them feel more alive than experiencing a sense of danger.

And even though Scorpios tend to be reserved, he wouldn’t totally dislike it if his bae agreed to take a salsa class with him. Once he cools off, he might decide to put all techno gadgets away and read some sci-fi books or something that challenges his mind like a mystery thriller.

8 Sagittarius Men Secretly Wish They Wind Up With Someone Who Loves Adventure Sports And Camping

Sagittarius guys love outdoor activities because it allows them to travel, visit new places, and try different things. He also wants his significant other to embrace the same philosophy so they can go on a cool journey across the forest. Camping is a major win-win for Sagittarius, so if you’re an outdoorsy gal, then you’re 100% marriage material in his mind.

He also loves adventure sports like rock climbing or even scuba diving. Some might even go for some light reading, surfing the web, and writing but only after they’re done getting their adrenaline rush for the day. So, they low-key wish they’ll wind up with someone who likes to workout or do something fun and energetic at least once a day.

7 And They Can’t Help But Want Bae To Take Them Dancing All Night

Usually, it’s the guy who asks the girl out dancing at most clubs. But in this instance, a Sagittarius guy wouldn’t mind if his bae wanted to take them dancing all night. Men under this sign can be a bit restless, which is why dancing is such a great hobby to take up. Dancing allows a Sagittarius guy to be fluid and engage in self-expression.

Plus, it’s such a fun and energetic workout that it’s simply perfect for two lovebirds to try. And besides, when two people dance, it tends to bring them closer together on an emotional level, which is exactly what he wants.

6 Capricorn Men Are Totally Smitten By Girls Who Like Pretty Much Anything That Can Be Done In The Peace Of Their Homes

Capricorns tend to like indoor hobbies. In fact, they would prefer not to have to leave their homes at all. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they just want to veg either. Capricorns can be pretty active people so long as they stay indoors.

They love trying new things, but nothing’s more important than being with someone who’s willing to try those things along with him. They absolutely love reading, gardening, painting, taking photos, and coming up with a wide array of artistic ideas. Crafts are also a major plus as they allow them to stimulate their brains while they work with their hands. So if you happen to stop by his house unannounced, you might find him casually trying out a DIY project.

5 But A Home Renovation Isn’t Out Of The Question Either

Home renovation is something that totally drives a Capricorn guy wild. So, he’ll be helplessly smitten with anyone who’s able to grab a tool kit and start hammering or tearing things down. There’s something about getting into the nitty-gritty of a home reno project that can also be quite romantic.

Aside from the fact that a Capricorn guy appreciates an extra set of helping hands, there’s also the perk of having a lovely companion he can talk to. Who knows? This might even get him to think about long-term projects like building a bigger bedroom or a nursery. Wink, wink!

4 Aquarius Men Are Total Gamers, So They Tend To Go For Girls Who Are Big Techno Freaks

Aquarius men are like kids who want to nothing other than play video games all day. They probably have a special room full of game consoles and one of those big old gamers’ chairs.

But if he bought an extra one, you better believe that he wants his bae to be sitting right next to him and taking the role of player number 2. Gaming is his escape from the everyday stress of it all. But he’s willing to offer his girlfriend an olive branch so she can escape reality with him. You have to admit, that sounds pretty fun.

3 But Occasionally They Like Volunteering Abroad, So Bae Has To Be A Major Humanitarian

The only eccentric thing Aquarius guys enjoy more than playing video games is doing something nice for their fellow humans. So, working with a non-profit group or volunteering abroad is definitely a plus.

If he starts talking about going to Mexico to go help build homes and schools for a local village, his bae should start packing her bags. Chances are, he’s secretly hoping she’ll tag along on his journey. There’s nothing he’d love more than to make a real difference in the world by helping the less fortunate.

2 A Pisces Guy’s Dream Girl Would Have To Be Totally Into Swimming And Surfing

Fish are often used to symbolize Pisces, which might explain why guys born under this sign love swimming, surfing, and kayaking. While other guys might prefer to dribble a ball across a basketball court, Pisces are living it up doing some kind of water-related activity or sports.

This is their mecca, and it’s where they choose to spend their incredible energy. So, they certainly want a gal who will embrace their sea legs and go have some fun in the sun and water. Suggesting things like surfing, water polo, or a good old-fashioned swim will definitely make his heart flutter with happiness. Things to Remember While Loving a Pisces and if you are in a relationship with a Pisces.

1 And They Would Also Love To Make Frequent Visits To Art Galleries And Music Festivals

Pisces men go with the flow just like water flowing freely down a river. So, when they’re not in the water, they enjoy anything art related. This might include going to an art gallery or a museum. He dreams of spending a Saturday afternoon next to bae looking at a Van Gogh painting or going to a poetry reading at a cafe.

Local art walks are just fine by him, too. Just so long as he gets to hold hands with the one person he loves. He might seem like he’s fine with doing pretty much anything over the weekend, but he’s secretly yearning for bae to ask him to go to a music festival. It’s a simple way to satiate his artistic side while having a fun date.

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