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Each zodiac sign has a specific fear in love, find out what afflicts each zodiac sign when it is in a couple.

Do you know what the quality of our relationships often depends on? From the quality of our mind. If we are well we can make others feel good too, otherwise, we find ourselves in tangled relationships. Astrologers agree that our zodiac sign affecting our personality is partly responsible for how we are in love.

Our zodiac sign greatly influences our perception of life, love, and even fears. Let’s find out how the zodiac sign affects your relationship with your partner.

Find out what each zodiac sign fears in love


Aries is the most stubborn and independent sign of the zodiac. Do not expect him to be guided by someone, by their nature they can’t rely on someone, they always need to have control over everything that has to do with them. In love, this behavior brings several problems. Love implies mutual trust and complete openness to the other. The ram is afraid of losing this freedom of independence in love, and this fear emerges immediately because despite attaching itself to the other quickly, it, therefore, has difficulty in committing itself for fear of being disappointed.


The sign of Taurus is not afraid of love. This sign desires with all of itself to find a life partner with whom to share a pure, intense, and harmonious feeling. Taurus strives to make the relationship evolve for the better. The only fear that the bull has in love is an indirect fear, which is that the relationship may end. More than anything else, they hate starting all over and giving their love life a new makeover.


Gemini is a very sunny, cheerful, and adventurous sign. This personality makes him insecure and uncertain in love, he usually tends to question his feelings. Their greatest fear in love is that of meeting the wrong person.
Gemini also desires great love, but fears it won’t work and won’t last forever. Gemini knows that it is difficult to find someone who has the same perception of life as they do. It is much more likely to find a person who seeks stability, a calm, predictable and organized life, something extremely revolting for the Gemini who cannot live without adventure.


Cancer is a very affectionate and sensitive sign. In love he works hard, he does a lot to make the relationship special and his biggest fear is to invest everything in the person who does not appreciate any of this. Cancer is afraid of making futile sacrifices, of feeling disappointed, afraid of not being reciprocated. If they are tough it is only to have a facade behind which to shelter, but behind that wall beats a tender heart.


The lion is an energetic, exhibitionist, and self-confident sign. When he truly falls in love and only then does he let himself go completely. Despite this, negative past experiences make him tough and demanding. Leo too is afraid of making the wrong sentimental choice and damaging their self-esteem. Being a very narcissistic person, he may raise barriers for fear that his feelings will cause him to lose control.


The sign of Virgo is a sign that expects a lot from the partner and when the partner does not behave as he expects, accusations are made, very serious and severe. Even though they are ultimately good people, this behavior damages their relationships a lot. They usually keep their frustration inside to preserve harmony but then they inevitably break out and behave in a deplorable way. What they fear most in love is to destroy a person who annihilates their aura of mystery and who sees their dark side, they can’t continue a relationship in these conditions.


The sign of Libra is similar to Virgo, let’s say that it desires love but at the same time it fears it. Libra goes to great lengths not to bring out its flaws, so when it starts a relationship it hardly shows all of itself. He knows he has major flaws that could jeopardize the relationship. Their greatest fear is to suffer because of this they often run away from love.


Scorpio is usually a pessimistic sign. When she falls in love, she begins to fear that she loves someone too much and that she is emotionally dependent on him. This triggers insecurities in him such as the fear of being betrayed and abandoned. These fixations make him suspicious and cause the relationship to falter. It’s hard for Scorpio to believe in a love that’s too good to be true, it’s easier for them to believe they will fail as a couple.


Sagittarians are very attached to their freedom. They need to have adventures, to subvert the routine, to feel the adrenaline flowing through their veins. Most of all in love they fear losing their freedom and finding themselves in a very boring relationship.


Capricorn is a sign that he is very busy because he craves success and money. His greatest fear, in love and all areas of his life, is to fail. In order not to fail in love, they lend themselves body and soul. Even when they are unhappy they stay with their father so as not to admit a failure of the marriage.


Aquarius has a visceral need to preserve their freedom on all levels. In love, they fear that a person can control and limit their life. Often in love, it happens that the other feels the need to feel the loved one his own, to want to be the center of his life. To maintain its independence, the Aquarius will move away from the partner.


Pisces are good and selfless people. With a big smile and open arms, they reach out to others without making distinctions. They often meet people who take advantage of their goodness and this emotionally destabilizes them.
In love, they fear meeting a toxic person who breaks their heart.

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