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Three Zodiac Signs Risk Separation Until The End Of February

The month of love becomes the month of disappointment for these natives, according to the latest information from the February 2024 horoscope.

The next two weeks bring a dark cloud over their relationship. These three signs will go through hard times in February, and the separation is getting closer.

Mercury, Mars, and Venus all move into Aquarius in the next period. On February 19, 2024, the Pisces season begins, with the Sun in this zodiac sign.

Mercury also arrives in Pisces on February 23, but not before making a square with Uranus (in Taurus) on the 17th.

And this is not all! Mars and Venus make a conjunction in Aquarius on February 22, 2024.

All these astrological movements related to the zodiac that represent the liberation and expression of the individual only attract conflicts and competition in love.

Three zodiac signs, in particular, can expect betrayals and disappointments.

Zodiac signs that are wounded in love until the end of February


For Lei, it is a turbulent period in relational terms. Your life partner could betray your expectations. It’s not necessarily cheating (although not excluded), but a disappointment regarding some aspects that you had established and you don’t keep your word. If it is about an important plan for the future, you will suffer a lot because of the lack of interest.

Tensions can also arise from a strong desire to explore new horizons or from the need to dedicate yourself more to personal or professional projects. To overcome this period, it is essential to find the balance between your love life and the other plans. Otherwise, separation is inevitable.


Scorpios can face challenges related to trust and vulnerability in the relationship. It is possible that for you there will be an agitated period in your love relationship, and some aspects will become unsolvable.

There may be a tendency to question your partner’s loyalty or to be reluctant to open your heart completely. This period can also bring to light secrets or unresolved issues from the past.


All will break in the head of Aquarius, as they say. February’s astrological events take place in your zodiac sign. Mars and Venus urge you to seek your freedom. You might feel like you’re in a prison in your relationship and want something more.

You can release yourself creatively, through art, music, or dance, because a little time with yourself could help you release tension. However, if your life partner does not give you the space you need, there are chances that you will completely break away from this love relationship. The final decision will be yours.

So, if you are a Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, be careful how you manage communication in your relationship. Do not forget that the predictions, are general and adapt to your current situation. With patience and tolerance, you can overcome any challenge.

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