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The Full Moon in Taurus will grace us on November 12th. To those with planets in Cardinal signs that were highly impacted by the Aries Full Moon back in October, this is the perfect time to set your intentions and brace yourselves for the new beginnings. We are still in Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, so this is the perfect time to undo, rewind and learn from the past or the greater themes that influenced your transit. The Full Moon in Taurus will bring about healing energy. Taurus can be violent when pushed but it is also a very graceful and relaxing sign ruled by Venus. Heal the wounds, pamper yourself and take a break to meditate on everything that has happened in the last month. Taurus energy wants us to take things easy after the sheer pandemonium that Aries caused. Be open to reworking and revisiting topics you assumed had been closed. Use what you have learned to take the next steps and power through with the stubbornness of the bull. Scorpio Season is still under its Martian influence, so nothing will come easy for any of us. The best we can do is learn to be patient, strengthen ourselves mentally, and hope that the worst has been handled. There are still over three weeks left until Mercury’s influence (including the post shadow) is over, so expect lots of surprises but the big storm is essentially over.

Aries – This Full Moon you’ll want to break free but you might also have to rethink a lot regarding what has transpired throughout the year. After the Full Moon caused some chaos and explosions in your sign, triggering much needed endings, you will enjoy this calming energy as you begin to think of ways to rebuild and put order back into your life. Remember, this is the time to heal, to learn and to treat yourself. The shadows of the past are gone and it is time to focus on your worth and rebuilding you.

Taurus – With the Full Moon in your sign, this can be a very pivotal time for you. This is your time to reset things and make any fixes that you have been meaning to deal with. If you wanted to change a habit, now is the perfect time. Simple goals can be met and if it is all in the name of self-improvement, go for it. Use the Mercury Retrograde to get things to go in your favor when you want to make a change for the better. Your time to shine has arrived this year, so make the most of it.

Gemini – For those tired Geminis, you will want to make the most of this Full Moon to recharge your batteries. If there has been a choice you have been meaning to take, this is also a great time to meditate on it until you are one hundred percent certain about how this will impact your future. It is a good time to be a visionary, to break free and to pursue methods of self healing and love. The Full Moon in Taurus wants us all to take it easy after the fire and passion of this Scorpio Season.

Cancer – Reconnect with friends, meet new people and do not be afraid to put yourself out there. The year has probably felt like it has been burning you, but now is the time to take that power and control back. With Sagittarius Season just a few weeks ago, you can feel the shift in energy as you prepare to let loose and have fun. Cancers and other Cardinal Signs have felt the struggle this year, but now things can finally go your way if you wish it to be.

Leo – A demanding time for you as you try and get back in the game. This can be either school or work, but you will feel more determined, more driven and ambitious. Set your sights for the prize and all that you desire will be at your disposal. The Taurus energy will be ruled by Venus and it will make you shine even brighter than usual. Go and claim your crown, fight for what you want and do not be afraid to knock some people out of the top if need be.

Virgo – You will want to break away from everyone. Some of you might be going through an emotionally challenging time now, but this Full Moon in Taurus reminds us all to take a little time to love and focus on that much needed self care. Reconnect with friends and family. Go sightseeing with that special loved one in your life. If you do not have the resources, binge some reality shows or read a fun book. Find methods to relax and recharge your spirit and mind.

Libra – It could be a bit of a challenge to see what you have spent money on and how you plan on thriving for the future. The Full Moon will remind you that it is important to build a strong foundation for yourself. If financial matters are not of any concern, you may focus on how people around you (yourself included) treat you. This can be a wake up call to changing habits, to finding new ways to heal yourself and to let go of those who should not be in your life.

Scorpio – Romances begin to spice up your life as the Full Moon ignites your partnership house. You can either connect with someone who you are currently with and have that intensity grow or you will be on the market for the next six months, experiencing and learning a lot about yourself and those who you attract. Taurus teaches us to put ourselves first and our worth. Do not settle for less and expect more from your partners. Set the bar high and remember to value you.

Sagittarius – This Full Moon will bring some joy to what you have been working towards. Those plans you have had in mind will bear fruit soon enough, but you must practice patience and continue to be persistent and driven. This energy will make us all feel awakened to our inner passions and what gives us life. If you have been feeling put down by projects failing, keep at it. Do not stop believing in you or your dreams. You will feel tired from working so hard but it will be worth the wait in the end.

Capricorn – The Moon and Stars will be bringing some magic into your life after a lot of dark days. You might be compelled to share, to do things again, and most importantly, to smile. Change the attitude for the better, have fun with those around you, and do not be afraid to express that creative side. Taurus loves creativity and beauty, so tap into that Venus energy to unleash that work of art. Things will feel a bit smoother now that Saturn has gone direct, giving you a little breathing room…for a bit.

Aquarius – Grounding is a word that comes to mind for you this Full Moon. Aquarius will want to connect with home because it presents a focus of safety and security. Allow the energies to flow as you embrace yourself for much needed harmony. This will be a very pleasant time for you as you come closer during this holiday season to your loved ones. All feels like it is forgiven and the energies make you feel connected and inspired to make changes that are aesthetically pleasing to you as well.

Pisces – Use your words to express the magnificence that you have felt. With this Full Moon opening up your lines of communication, expect some surprises, travel, and much to learn with themes that will follow you for the next six months. You are more confident to share with others after feeling silenced throughout this year. It will feel like a new awakening for you, as you tap into what your mind has to offer and use what you know to help others.

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