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According to the predictions of astrologers, November will end in the best way for some lucky zodiac signs. Will you be among them?

According to the next astral configurations, the end of November will overwhelm some signs of the Zodiac with positive energy. With the new moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd and Jupiter finishing its course in Pisces, some signs will present themselves with great opportunities that will change their lives for the better, and they could also experience truly exciting experiences. Find out what these lucky signs are by consulting today’s ranking.

If things haven’t gone exactly as you wished in the last few days, the situation could be about to turn around in these last days of November. If you are part of today’s ranking marks then you can start to breathe a sigh of relief. The end of November is a week away and it could be the best week of the whole year for you.

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Fortune smiles on these zodiac signs in the last week of November

The new moon in Sagittarius and retrograde Jupiter have unleashed positive vibes that are pouring into some signs in particular. These signs will be particularly sensitive and will be able to treasure these positive vibes. Finally, they will get recognition for all the efforts made in the last period. Jupiter has personal growth and professional success in store for them. But what will these lucky signs be? Let’s cover it together.

Here are the 4 zodiac signs that will end the month with joy and luck


The first place in this ranking belongs to the sign of Aries. Always a very determined sign, he has shown in the field of work that he has really worked hard and that he has been persevering. His very strong character drove him to sacrifice himself to give his best without respite. This commitment and hard work have certainly not gone unnoticed and have brought Aries substantial rewards. Aries will receive advantageous job offers and will see promising professional growth on the horizon, all of which will translate into huge earnings in the long run. Never as in this moment does Aries feel sure of himself and very confident and it is all thanks to the power of the constellations.

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Following Aries, we find Gemini who is also among the luckiest signs of the end of November. The Gemini will be given the opportunity to direct a very important project and the success of this project will depend on his professional climb and his chances of rapidly advancing his career. Gemini will be able to demonstrate all his talent and entrepreneurial skills thanks to the influence of Jupiter which will make him particularly clear-headed and a leader. The Gemini will know how to coordinate the work and how to achieve the objectives set. The Gemini will also experience a very promising period from a sentimental point of view where things with the partner will evolve romantically. The Gemini will feel more caring and in love than ever, he will be very attentive to the needs of all his loved ones and they will know how to reward him.

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The third place in the standings belongs to the native of Cancer. According to astrologers, particularly happy events for this sign are expected at the end of the month. His days will be filled with joy. Much of this happiness is due to the fact that this sign will finally be able to achieve many of its goals. Furthermore, in this period he will make important business decisions that will prove to be the right decisions for a promising professional future. Thanks to the influence of the new moon, Cancer will begin to see things differently and focus on new perspectives. The stars also predict excellent finances for this sign who will finally be able to relax and enjoy the pleasures of life.

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The last lucky sign that will conclude the month of November very well is the native of Libra. Retrograde Jupiter will provide this sign with an opportunity to take stock of its priorities and goals. Eventually, this sign will be able to see clearly what his needs and wants are, and he will put them all on paper and devise a plan to achieve them. This plan provides concrete daily actions and necessary changes. In addition, Libra will also foresee how to solve any problems and obstacles. Finally, this sign will feel particularly strong in spirit and will be able to keep stress away. For everything that Libra had not foreseen, it can be entrusted to its intuition which seems to be particularly developed in this period.

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