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This is how your zodiac sign affects your lovesickness

As beautiful as love is, it can be painful when things don’t go well. Lovesickness is one of the worst feelings there is. By the way, how often he meets you – even astrology can provide information about that!

In the video above, we show you which three zodiac signs are particularly often shaken by heartbreak.

Incidentally, lovesickness can be divided into different phases and they have to be passed through. We have the necessary tips here so that you can put your grief aside.

1st tip: allow pain

During the first phase, many still try to win back their partner with letters, calls and messages. If that doesn’t succeed, true despair and the awareness of “it’s over” really begins. And that hurts! Let your emotions run free. If this is very difficult for you, sad music and love movies can help.

Tip 2: address feelings

Emotions also free thoughts – a good reason to call your best friend and chat about anything. The family can also help to process memories in order to be able to focus on a clear goal again. Those who communicate with others will return to normal faster than those who eat everything into themselves.

Tip 3: think positively

A healthy way of coping with lovesickness also includes anger and feelings of revenge. These occur particularly often in the third phase. Still, you are well advised to see the positive in the breakup. Think about what you have learned from relationships and separation, which moments you are grateful for and which experiences made you stronger.

4th tip: stay strong

Even if it’s difficult, but: Contact with your ex is poison for you. This creates hope that does not exist and that leaves you disappointed. To get better soon, you need to stay strong so that you can regain your balance.

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