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3 Women From the Horoscope Who Are Ice Queens

Three signs of women who can easily be called Ice Queens. It stands out for its indifference and special elegance!

It is almost a talent to be able to wait before reacting. For many of us, the impulse to react without thinking is strong, instead of taking a break, analyzing the circumstances, and weighing what is the best move.

However, these 3 zodiac signs are so rational, that they are able to breathe, count to ten, and then when their blood pressure has dropped, react. Thus, they manage to master themselves and the situation!

Ice queen from the zodiac

These 3 female signs are famous for their self-control, which makes them seem completely unapproachable. However, their indifference is just a mask, under which strong emotions and experiences are hidden. It’s just that they manage to temper them so that they can be extremely rational!

Are you among them?


Ice Queens by definition, women born under the sign of Capricorn are wise, mature, and sensitive. If you also belong to this sign, having your zodiac sign or ascendant in Scorpio, exaggerated reactions are certainly not characteristic of you. Even more, you know that they cause more harm than good.

You are cautious by nature and try not to do anything you think you will regret less.

Capricorns tend to take a step back from a volatile situation and look at it logically. How can I make the situation better? If there is nothing they can do to help, Capricorns withdraw from the equation. If a Capricorn woman has a choice and can withdraw from a conflict, she will certainly do it elegantly!


Before Virgo reacts and causes a chain reaction of negative emotions and behaviors, she tends to write things down. You probably also recognize yourself if you are in this sign, knowing that you often prefer to withdraw and write down your ideas rather than express your feelings. What you write is not as important as the act of writing, which gives you a chance to calm down, gather your thoughts and act from a place of reason, not emotion.

Afterward, you can even go back to what you wrote at a given moment, to see if the assumptions were correct, what you learned from the situation, and if you acted in a healthy way. Virgos make everything a learning moment.

It is a talent to be able to wait before reacting. And Virgo succeeds brilliantly in being one of the three ice queens of the zodiac.


Taurus are masters in the art of not overreacting, but that doesn’t mean they don’t keep their skills sharp. When something happens that would normally make you extremely angry, you stop for a while. Then you come up with a plan that would help you benefit from the best possible result. Do you recognize yourself? Surely Taurus has such a fine sense of reason and ability to analyze that sometimes those around them don’t even recognize it!

Once they are calm and have a plan of action, Tauruses act from a place of control and neutrality. No one wants to experience a Taurus who gets very angry, so the more rational the Taurus is, the better.

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